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  1. Yo CCTV supplier....I am very busy. I am writing this from my i-phone. But when I get back to my office, I will duke this battle out. All will see my rational. Cannot player hate on me for being a total ass. I am reasonable with my feelings on the matter, just no time right now. I have to go....More to come on this topic. Laters -chad b-
  2. DDSC2060

    cctv problem help please

    Yea that is what I was thinking, I mean depending on the sheild of the cable and gauage of the cable it is interference. There has to be a power source or some interuption. In the tech world I find that many problems are very small most of the time. But scruit is right, check to make sure that there is no uv light it is sitting on or power cable that is near by. -chad b-
  3. Umm no I was a resale rep at the nmc and downline-load tech. I re-activated existing alarm systems and sold contracts for people they needed to have monitoring. I actually never did the "dog" sales you want to get into and that is why I am also not working for that company anymore (God that was years ago) and that is where I got my feet wet. I just want to make it clear that compaines that sell discount price does not mean cheap or a rip off. I think any "common sense" person would know what or who not to buy from. -chad b- I mean what did you expect to say that and make such a stero-type about discount solution providers without expecting heat, c'mon man.....
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    anyone have experience these sites?

    Man to go without IR at night you will need a camera with a good lux rating. Like 0.0001 or better. Most of the time the Star100 is a c-mount camera and it maintains a really good color image at night, however, you would need lighting for it. Or really good flood light setup in the area you want to secure. I will send you a pm with my email and I will send you some pics and specs, for the outdoor bullet camera. I see that you are looking at a PC based DVR in the future. Those are rocking setups in my opinion, I just have an easier time with the graphic user interphase and the usability with PTZ cameras and other hidden features. The embedded I mentioned before has H.264 compression (M-peg 4) has great playback quality, and with combination in that Elite camera series with the 550 line resolution by Optiview is amazing. That camera was vari-focal and has IR. Just becareful in what you buy in a dvr, b/c you really don't want to have to redo the whole setup unless you are really planning on upgrades. Although when you get to a PC level you really need to ask yourself what are you looking to acomplish and then you can compare apples to oranges, you know? How many channels on the DVR are you looking at?? -chad b-
  5. DDSC2060

    anyone have experience these sites?

    I was thinking what is the compression on the DVR you have. I just did not know if that was on playback or realtime shot. Sometimes the compression rate and playback quality will have a lot to do with the image. Esp the resolution. Let me know I am headed out for the day to St. Augustine. Laters -chad b-
  6. Yea that is the one I went to last year the Global Gaming show. A lot of people there were looking to expand their security in their casinos. I had come in our booth from all over, even some south americans . But yea man maybe we can meetup or something. I will not be going to the New York show , a buddy of mine is going there. I have soo much to keep up with, esp with us moving to a new building and upgrading my website. But yea should be fun, I enjoy the Las Vegas show. -chad b-
  7. DDSC2060

    anyone have experience these sites?

    Well from my experience dealing with security camears, you most liking just want to make sure it is ccd qulaity, they are much better than a c-mos chip set. The size the chip really depends on the camera you are looking for. Are you looking for an outdoor, weatherproof, infrared, varifocal camera? A multipurpose camera like that would need like a 1/3 inch sony super had ccd senor. I have sold and seen those go for 99-129 and last a vari long time. Also to be honest I would stay away from cameras with a brand name on them they are too expensive. Just look at the internals and power supply requirement. Camera with a 1 amp power supply will most likely have a high resolution and a good amount of led lights for night time viewing. Let me know what helps send me a pm if you want more infoon were to look, I can give you some really good info on it. Laters -chad b-
  8. Man that is not true, just b/c a company offers a one year warrenty with option to purchase an extended warrenty does not mean that the product is low quality. It is all the same man. I have been selling discount security cctv systems for over three years when they were more expensive and I worked for ADT Tyco for 4 years. Low price does not mean poor quality. These manufactures get good price because they buy in bigger bulk. You need to learn the business before giving someone bad advice. In the end it is still going to be how much you buy from someone and that relationship you have with them for years that dictate the price of a system. Besides people are getting tired of the monitoring as the only means of security and as that demand grows the supply will be there and prices are cheaper. I have a high ranking website on google (although I cannot link it in this forum) we have been selling post 9/11 and we do just fine. Sorry to sound mad, but comments like that I really take offense to. Not every company out there is bad, although I have heard horror stories. Just keep it simple, these embeddeds are becoming just as good as Pc based dvrs and more stable. Not having to deal with that operating system is great and most of the new embeddeds are coming avaliable with mouse control for more user-friendly gui. Just look for the real-time recording on all channels, and the playback resolution, one-two year warrenty, and free tech support. Laters -chad b-
  9. DDSC2060

    anyone have experience these sites?

    Hey, I have never heard of the websites? What type of cameras are they and what type of chipsets do they have inside the camera? -chad b-
  10. Hey, Depending on the application there are a lot of questions to be asked. 1)Are you ever planning on going more than 16 cameras? 2)Do you want to take a look at a pc-based DVR or standalone? 3)Do you need real-time recording on all channels? 4)Is 250 gig going to be enough, depending on the nature of your business you may need to think about a 500 gig total for 16 channels. Since most people want real time. Using a mpeg4 dvr. You are looking at 6gig per camera per day. so 6 times 16 divided by 250 and that is how many days you can get per 250gig. PC-based tend to have a better gui, but the standalones are coming avaliable in mouse control with decent gui... When it comes to this you need to think it over and make the right choice the first time or you will spend more money in the end... I sent you a pm....hope this helps... -chad b-
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    New Member

    coolbeans, if you have any questions....I should be able to help you with your application if you run into any problems...laters.. -chad b-
  12. The November ISC WEST Trade show is coming up this Nov. We were there last year, with our booth it was jammed packed with casino booths and security vendors. I like going to Las Vegas it was a great time and my first show in CCTV. I was wondering if anyone here was going be cool to hook up, since there is so much to do at the shows soo much equipment to look at. I is on Nov. 6th-9th. Great place to go! -chad b-
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    dvr choice

  14. DDSC2060

    dvr choice

    Yo man I cannot seem to post anything to help you out on this forum.....this is my third time trying to give you info. Some has got to talk to the admin here. Anyways.......the dvr has 240fps to support all 8 cameras and a 250 gig like i said earlier. Also it has mouse control so you can interphase with dvr. Great playback resolution............ -chad b-
  15. DDSC2060

    New @ it in Florida

    Hey, Nice to see you made a smart choice there is soo much room to grow in this industry. What part of Florida do you live in? I am up here in Jax, FL. I have doing the security ever since I was 19 years old. I am 25 now and I really do enjoy helping people understand cctv and how it can help them in their applications. Let me know if you are thinking of starting a site, we could link together. I can also help you get you feet wet on all the terminology too. I run a CCTV online store with great content. ttul -chad b-