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  1. Arthurj

    Power Supply For DS2 Wanted

    I think there's an old and a new type DS2. The old type, which i have, has an external power supply.
  2. Arthurj

    Power Supply For DS2 Wanted

    Have it running off a PC power supply at the moment. +12v. -12v. +5v. Works just fine. Just wanted to tidy it up a bit. Thanks.
  3. Arthurj

    Power Supply For DS2 Wanted

    I'm looking for a power supply for a Dedicated Micros Ds2.
  4. Furbo Must you have serial telemetry already enabled on the unit. If so what protocol should it be set to. Must it be a null modem cable or a standard serial cable. Many thanks for the great advice.
  5. Connect the Serial cable from your PC to Serial port 1 on the DS2, and use 'Hyperterminal' with the following settings: 19200-8-N-1 in the Hyperterminal window, tap ESC ESC ESC to get the ?:\ prompt Type 'up towngirl' Type 'help' for command list, here you should change ip address as you wish with the network config command... enjoy Thats a great tip. Wish someone would give a small bit of info on passwords, like do you pull the snaphat or use a cable. There are a lot of otherwise good DS units going to waste because of lost or forgotten passwords. So, any experts want to give us beginners a clue or is the DS a closed shop!
  6. John I have very limited experence of the DS2. Yes I think you should have a light come on when you connect an ethernet cable. Did both drives work together before. I can only guess that the slave drive is not formatted correctly,is faulty or the unit itself is faulty. Also check the master\slave settings. What size is the slave drive and how exactly did you format it (that's important). You cannot format a large Fat32 drive with Windoze 2000\XP. You will need a third party utily.
  7. Mark Glad that worked out for you
  8. Mark The way I did it on a DS2 was as follows. Unzip downloaded file which contains "bin folder" "bootload folder" "disk.zip" "readme.txt" "Ftp.exe. Ignore the last two. Copy the contents of the bin, bootload and zip to the same dir. You will end up with the boot, bin and zip folders plus a lot of files. The original three folders remain intact. Hope that makes sense. I'm not sure if you really need to copy the contents of the folders. Maybe just use the three folders. To be clear. You put the three folders plus a copy of the files they contain on your drive.
  9. Mark Yes. Format the drive on your PC. Unzip the downloaded software to a folder, copy the contents of the folder to the drive. Remove the drive from the PC and install in the unit. Boot the unit and the software will be installed automatically.
  10. That sounds like very good advice. The file system for the DS2 is FAT32. Problem's arise because people think that FAT32 has a 160GB limit. That's not the case. It's Windows that has the FAT32/160GB limit. A lot of people fit small drives to the DS2 based on that misunderstanding. Hence the need for a slightly different approach.
  11. Hello tj9at_jp I connected the PC and the DS2 with a crossover network cable and used the windows PING command. I started at 192.168.001 then and so on . Took a long time and I got lucky. Theres a simpler way if you can connect the drive directly to your PC. You will need a new hard drive(s) and a small bit of PC know how. If you want I'll talk you through it by PM. As a matter of interest you can put any size drives into the DS2, up to 2TB. I put 2 400GB drives into the one I have giving me 800 GB. Got them in Maplin for E180 for the two. The software is free from the DM site. Theres a lot of rubbish talked about DM drive size and type ect. Any normal HD will work perfectly.
  12. That worked great. The only problem I had was trying to get the IP address of the unit. I got it, by trial and error, by pinging from Windows. If there's an easier way, please let me know. Many thank's for all your help
  13. I have a DS2 with a totally dead hd. Is there a way I can install software onto a new hard drive. I beleive it can be done. Thank's