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  1. RoyBoy

    ASIS 2007

    hey, i found this on our website wanna go? Free VIP pass: - n/m can't post URLS- if someone who CAN wants to.. its on securityman's website under "trade Shows" its a PDF u needa fill out, but u get a free VIP pass.
  2. RoyBoy

    ASIS 2007

    I am hoping i can get to go! company paid trip? yes please! but we'll see, never been to one of these, has anyone here been to one previously?
  3. My bad on the last post, i guess it coulda been taken as a pitch or promotion.. but had no intention of it. anyway Name: Roy Location: California -> Southern CA where its WAY too hot. Job: Sales, SecurityMan Inc. Why Here? Learn about the products, and probably figure out how to get my condo security surveillance hooked up... any suggestions from you guys? I"ll be lurking/reading as I like to do.. keeps me from doing actual work here, i'll try to only give my 2 pennies when needed.