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  1. CCTV_Suppliers

    DVR in attic?

    Here is how I will do it… Take the DVR and program all the necessities on your desk – statis IP adress, passwords, cameras resolution, etc before you take it to attic. Once you move it to the attic, you do not need long HDMI cable to connect to this DVR for any purpose nor will need mouse or keyboard connection.. However you will need length of Ethernet cable from the DVR to connect to your router. That is it! You also have to program your router (open specific ports, assign specific internal or external static IP addresses, etc.) to allow remote or even local access to your DVR. You did not mention the make and the model for your DVR. I have not seen any DVR or NVR that did not come with or did not have remote client software, allowing you to connect to your DVR locally or remotely. Once you tell us the make and the model of your DVR, then I am sure the forum will advise what to use. Hope this helps.
  2. CCTV_Suppliers

    TEN Do's & Don'ts for Intellex Systems

    A quick update for this post, which looks like started in 2008. All of these above steps not only worked very well over the years, but also saved substantial amount of money for many Intellex user customers.. In 2015 Microsoft announced that they will not sell Win7 licenses and customer have no choice but to move to Windows 10 platform. However, they insisted that they will continue to provide support for Win7 until year 2020. This created a new challenge in how to take ANY Intellex platform from version 3.2 all the way to version 4.3 (all variations from Standard, Deluxe and Premier) in order to operate in Windows 10 operating system. In early 2016 we successfully migrated any Intellex platform to operate in Microsoft latest version 10 OS and has been performing very well. If I am not mistaken, the manufacturer, American Dynamics brand new Intellex 5.x version still is operating in Windows 7 and I do not think they have any intentions to move Intellex into Windows 10. The biggest challenge in this new migration protocol was the available drivers that actually work with this latest Windows 10 operating systems. Happy to inform you that we went through at least 2,000+ migrations in the last 12 months and it is working great..
  3. CCTV_Suppliers

    DVR in attic?

    I suggest to put your DVR in a DVR lock box since it will reside in the attic. These units come with built in fans that maintains constant air circulation to keep your DVR in a stable temperature and keep dust away. Run the rest of the cables, including your network cable properly and you will be good to go… and program your DVR using remote client software..
  4. Can anyone please ID this motherboard? This is part of old DVR series from CBC America. I am told this mobo is used for other manufacturer DVRs as well.. I searched online with some part numbers from it and not much is avail. Any info will be appreciated.
  5. Glad to hear that you found the link and it works... any other questions, I am sure with combined member's effort, we can answer them..
  6. CCTV_Suppliers

    Intellex instant playback problem

    Make sure you have dual core CPU to start off with... increase RAM to 1G (make sure you are using pair of exact same memory modules), change the video card with at least 512MB onboard memory ... and clear all your temp files (go to start, run and then type %temp% "enter").. select all the files and delete.. Not much else you can do unless you want to change the motherboard with quad core CPU and more RAM.. I am sure your system is using Win XP... and you will be bound by this OS limitations. Such overall limitations can be thing of the past if you are to migrate to Win7 environment. This type of upgrade takes much better use of given hardware and performance increases exponentially. Of course there is a cost associated with it, but at least such option is available. This applies to all 4.x versions available today. American Dynamics does not offer this solution. Hope this helps...
  7. After you change the hard drive and besides the firmware recognizing and formatting this hard drive, the system also requires for you to run a utility that actually picks up very small slice on this same hard drive and installs content, that you will need to connect to this same DVR and/or run remote control... stream video, etc... I do not recall what is was called and you may even have this link in this forum (I remember that I put a link many years ago about this same topic) that will allow you to download and install this utility... hope that link is still live...
  8. CCTV_Suppliers

    PTZ Powersupply help?

    What make and model are your PTZ cameras?
  9. CCTV_Suppliers

    PTZ Repair Center

    I am not sure what Moores is charging for repairing AD Ultra Domes... We repair them too and have been for over 10+ years. Check your PM for more info..
  10. CCTV_Suppliers

    PTZ Repair Center

    Which manufacturer PTZ cameras do you need repaired?
  11. First, go back to your old PC and get the product ID (or serial number) for your Network Client. Also, check the version of that software. Once you have both piece of the info, then go to American Dynamics website and find the correct version of Network client and then install into new PC and use the same serial number found in old PC... Once done, then you can upgrade Network client to the latest version (I think it is 5.x at the moment) at no cost... the key is to make sure you have a valid license regardless of age. Once that is confirmed, then you can upgrade it to latest Network client version available at no cost to you... Otherwise, you have to buy new license. Hope this helps.
  12. Glad to hear that Intelex is working... just to be on the safe side, change the power supply if you can. As for both laptops giving you an error - seems like you installed the Network Client with the same license or may have had older license and since you upgrade, it sees it as a duplicate... the only solution is to get another Network Client, as there is no going around it. Good luck.
  13. Since you mentioned that operating system is Win2000, it is a version 3.0 through 3.2... and the version will not be causing these issues anyway. I don't think this problem has anything to do with power supply either. You are giving a hint that after you change the internal IP addresss, it starts acting up and seem like it is looking for some information from CD, since CD is constantly lit after changin internal IP address. Lets try few things first - check the BIOS boot sequence... make sure it is set to recognize the main drive to be first in order for boot... plug in an actual keyboard and a mouse for testing purposes. Once it start booting and goes to Intellex software, then exit to go to desktop. Go to system drivers section and make sure all the drivers are set correctly... Also, go to network section and make sure the that is it recognizing the correct driver and that MAC address is native and has not been user changed. When you see that CD is lit while changing anything, that means the system is looking for some sort of a driver or a validation of version change or trying to confirm the network driver/IP change... if for whatever reason you do not adapt to required change request, then the system hangs... thus becomes unstable. Please get back to us with some answers after trying all the above recommendation and lets see where this goes. Worst case scenerio, you may require to restore the entire system again. Hope these recommendations are helpful.
  14. CCTV_Suppliers

    Intellex LT

    It's your choice to buy new DVR vs. getting restore CD set that will allow you to restore your entire Intellex system back to normal. For less than $100 you should be able to obtain set of (3) CDs that cover both vesion 2.6 and 3.2... You should be able to ordet them from local AD supplier... it is a common part in their lineup. Good luck.