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  1. Charlene1

    EZVIZ Mini Plus enquiry

    Hi, have an Ezviz mini plus camera and cannot download video from the SD Card via Ezviz Studio. Given instructions that under all Devices, there is an image of camera with an advanced tab button, go to Storage file; which will then show me the footage. Have not got the advanced tab on camera image. Have enquired further with Ezviz who say my computer and camera have to be both connected on LAN - which they are. Has anyone else had this issue or can offer advice? Thanks.
  2. Charlene1

    Ring Video Doorbell Pro

    Hello, Wanted to know if anyone on this forum has installed Ring Video Doorbell Pro and their feedback on the product. Considering buying but at the moment having difficulty finding electrician to hard wire it. Thanks.
  3. Charlene1

    Video Door Bell Cameras

    Looking to purchase a video door bell camera for home which has a motion detection facility. I would like to have the following: view live footage and record it with audio. plug in camera for home, not battery powered. to be able to view and record footage on smart phone and small monitor ability to have wifi and power supply via plug for the camera. Is there anything on the market which fits this criteria? Thanks in advance.
  4. Charlene1

    YCam Evo camera

    Hi, Wondered if anyone is using this product and their experiences of it. Had mine short period of time now not working at all. Red light flashing. Have been told now after numerous calls, that my blue tooth is incompatible with product, even though had use of it prior to returning it to manufacturer.
  5. Charlene1

    Spy Hole Camera enquiry

    Thanks will take a look.
  6. Charlene1

    Spy Hole Camera enquiry

    Hi, I am trying to purchase a spy hole camera which can slot into an existing door knocker. Looking for one that has audio and can record video on SD Card or cloud storage. Having difficulty finding one with audio and have contacted many companies/manufacturers. If you have successfully purchased one with the above description, would appreciate company/distributors details. Thanks.