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  1. I agree with the OP in that AI and privacy are going to be playing an important role. Local processing is going to be crucial for regulation compliance. including metadata sent out for notifications. Be careful there as it is a slippery slope. I do recommend if it is your product (it seems as it is), check out the competition, there are other offering similar free version for tested technology for up to 3 or unlimited cameras. https://get.sentinel.watch/black-edition or http://www.safr.com
  2. Hi, I'm looking for your feedback, opinions, etc on a new product. The Product It basically provides very accurate intruder detection on realtime for any camera with an internet connection. You don't have to use any specific hardware, which is great because a lot of people have some great cameras already setup, no point in changing them. Alerts are sent to the user directly via push-notifications, SMS and phone calls. Includes things like monitoring schedules and some cool geofencing features (on when you leave, off when you arrive). There are iOS and Android apps. Human detection demo (so you understand what I mean) Motion is shown in green, red is actual alerts (human detected) E-K1_3lD0fE Cost This thing is a monthly subscription, no long term contracts, and actually vey affordable (there is a promo right now at $10/cam). The Question What do you guys think? Is this something you would use? What problems do you see with something like it? Thanks in advance! PS: If any of you is interested in the product details send me a PM, and I'll send you the info. I'm trying to respect the forum rules.
  3. Lets please keep the conversation constructive. Indeed, and I believe competition on trying to do it will make for better products for the end consumer. I saw their "use an iPad old phone approach" I just dont feel comfortable with those devices in low light conditions, but it sure makes for a great marketing push. Interesting, this actually has not been a problem so far, as tendency is for internet connections growth on capacity and in general they can handle it. Most places have a network capable to support the product and it is on their fix costs anyway. In particular, really big setups which really requiere a lot of bandwidth en up having a separate network and connection. This is part of designing the setup, which is one of the reasons why it is important to have a good installer involved for that stage. Regardless, it is always something to take into consideration. Not sure i understand this, are you talking about the complexity? Then that is something clients and integrators should not have to worry about, it should just work. Network security is a bigger topic than this conversation, although a relevant one. How are you setting up your customers to access their cameras remotely via a mobile device? are you strictly using some VPN solution? As a parallel note. This tech will make it into the devices themselves, but for people who have great devices now, I think it is fair to make it available to them via a cloud solution until the point when they replace their hardware.
  4. For your typical Axis, Dahua, Hik, LTS, etc. it requires port forwarding for a stream. But it is basically: 1) your coordinates (IP/dynDNS) + port 2) camera or dvr model + channel (if dvr) 3) Connection credentials There are mobile apps for notifications, activity log, monitoring schedules, etc. Phone number is required for SMS and phone call alerts.
  5. Maybe the video is confusing, it is supposed to be a comparison of green (motion) vs red (detections). I liked red a lot more than green in this video. I don't see the false detections you mean, but I do see one or two. Even so, it should not be a source of worry since any posible false positives would not trigger alerts anyway. I still consider it to be an improvement over motion detection (even the base version), anything that reduces the number of false alerts is an improvement. Honestly, I actually don't mind the monthly fee if I get remote backup of the incidents plus realtime notifications with zero false positives. It basically is a monitored surveillance system without fines for false positives. Tech rant warning: The tech is one of the things I know a lot about, computer vision has been around for some time, yes, but it changed in 2013 with the advent of convolutional neural networks. The industry and academia basically agreed to throw away everything they had achieved until then on object recognition and only use CNN's from then on. Anything prior to that is woefully outdated. Cool thing about this tech is that it learns, so the same product will learn to identify dogs, cars, birds, etc (Humans are just the first step). Which means you will end up being able to set alarms for those specifically. So cool End of Tech rant
  6. Green boxes are not detections, just change highlights. But it is fair to say those should not be in the video then. (re: car lights) Why should the dog be detected though? I did not understand that. About the tech, it is actually quite new, it is called deep learning over convolutional neural networks and it most definitely does not come on DVRS just yet. One of the product promises is consistent improvements and there is a zero false positives version too ($15/mo). Is your bigger turn off the monthly fee or do you just prefer a traditional setup? Thanks for you answers so far!
  7. Interesting, to me the value is on being notified in realtime to my phone only when an actual human being is detected. Do you mean that people actually don't want to be notified in realtime and that recording it is enough? (you are an integrator, so I assume you have had this conversation with customers) From my experience, motion detection is not nearly as accurate as this, as dogs, cars, etc will trigger it. (green boxes in the video are ignored, meaning they don't generate alerts). Nighttime detection is as good as daytime as long as the camera has adequate IR leds for the area is monitoring.
  8. I would go with a Hikvision or Dahua DVR + cameras. Make sure you get a DVR with enough channels in case you want to add more cameras later. If you get them from a Chinese provider, make sure the firmware is in english. There are some Hikvision and Dahua repackaged and sold with other brands like Lorex, and LTS. There are some great suggestions in some other topics in this forum. Find a package in your price range and post it here. With respect to ex-sdi vs hd-sdi I am no expert but my understanding is they are both best in class and both are digital, basically both are great. Sorry I can't help you choose there
  9. nats_sw

    CCTV Help for a Remote Farm

    There are services which can monitor whichever camera you install (as long as it connected to the internet) and let you know when/if they lose the connection. Notifications are via push notification, sms or even automated phone calls.
  10. nats_sw

    Alarm for my driveway

    Are you just looking to have some kind of signal inside your house then something approaches? You could do it with a camera and get the added bonus of actually seeing what it is that is coming your way.
  11. nats_sw

    Technology Expos/Conventions?

    ISC East is around the corner nov 16-17 (NYC). But it is not really open to general public.
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    Hello. New member here.

  13. A tribrid will give you that freedom, yes. If you are getting all new IP cameras, then you should not need one. If you are looking to use your old ones, then sure. I would personally use IP cams only. By the way, when you use regular IP cameras connected to a DVR, they will continue working even without an internet connection, as they run in the local network.
  14. Are live view and recording connected to the same channel? I've had this problem with some cameras where live view is over a lighter channel, which looks fine. But the HD channel looks like you describe. The cameras were not mine nor one of my clients so I could not play around with it, to try and solve it. So had to settle for changing the channel I was connected to.
  15. Please not that Nest cams cannot be connected to a DVR. They are connected to the could and all storage and viewing is through google's servers. I would go with IP cams from Dahua or Hikvision. Also, do you have old analog cameras you want to connect? do you really need a tribid?
  16. nats_sw

    Need Wide Angle Camera

    If you are really in that price range, then maybe try this one: https://www.amazon.com/D-Link-HD-Wi-Fi-Camera-DCS-936L/dp/B01HO9XZR4 The app kinda sucks, but once setup the hardware behaves very decently. I'm actually connected to the rtsp feed directly and have had no problems. The IR are a little sensitive, and it sometimes turns them on when there is still some light. It is 720p and the viewing angle is 120 degrees. Now that being said, are you sure you want a wireless camera to look at your porch from the inside? (assumption based ont he cameras you are looking at)
  17. They are wireless cameras, so they are just as good as your wireless network. If you are looking at the outdoors one, make sure you have great signal up to where you are going to install it. Also they are full HD and do upload the footage to google (Nest is google), so if you are looking to install many of them, they will use up your upload speed. Other than that, they are pretty good and really easy to install. You can view them from your phone or via a web browser on your nest account.
  18. nats_sw

    Remote access help needed.

    Good luck, let us know how it goes.
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    please help

    Can you see all 4 cameras on the phone? Can you post a couple of pictures of your DVR setup?
  20. nats_sw

    Motion Detection - Swann NVR

    To reduce false positives you can also connect your cameras to a service doing human detection over your feed. Then they only alert when a human is detected.
  21. The problem is most likely related to the credentials you are using to connect to the cameras. It should not be related to your PC setup. Some people have complained about their DS2CD2032F from amazon not having the default password out of the box. The default passwords should be 12345 or 123456789abc. When you first connect to the camera, it should ask you to set a new password for the admin user. Some cameras came with already set admin passwords, and you will need to be reset them to set a new password. The reset process should be pretty simple: press and hold the reset button on the back, then plug the camera to power it on. Keep holding the reset button for 30 seconds. You should be able to set your own password after that. Hope it helps.
  22. nats_sw

    Remote access help needed.

    You might have a port collision. It would manifest as a device being able to connect and not the other as they may be connecting using different protocols (and therefore ports).