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    Help with classifieds

    Hello, I did not mean to offend. I really have no idea of values just trying to find someone interested that is in the industry. There was not much to go on for value. I am still open for offers, and I did wait a few days and no one offered assistance so figured I would go ahead and post what I had. Thanks again,
  2. thehunkofthejunk

    Help with classifieds

    I am trying to learn the value/sell some items to someone that knows what they are doing. Seems I cannot post on classfieds till I am a fully member. Would a member want to post for me or can someone lift my restrictions. I come across security system electronics often. I sell on eBay but would not mind selling to a profession in security systems. Or could I list what I have on this post? Thanks,
  3. thehunkofthejunk

    Help with classifieds

    I have 3x Pelco Net5308T Video server system that includes 2 racks the net5300b and net5308T-EXP Everfocus EDVR16D1 with Everfocus keyboard Then other items electronics and industrial items. I am very negotiable for people in the industry and would want items for business/inventory. Go to http://stores.ebay.com/thehunkofthejunk/ But message me on there or here for a bulk sale discount. Hope you had a great thanksgiving.