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Dahua NVR3408 NVR, Cant connect IP cameras

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This is a NVR system. I assumed when I purchased it that i could just type in an IP address of each camera and wah-la. However I have a NVR3408v that is running webservices, (build date in 2014) im unable to figure out how to connect any of my IP cameras to it. I have


2x- Dlink 932L

1 - ubiquiti UVC-G3

1- ELP IP4100VR (came with NVR)


I have tried the setup wizard directly thru the NVR and also the web based setup by typing in the IP address of the NVR then signing in. The Dlinks i have had for a few years and I can type in the IP and pull the live video feed right out and make changes. I have a Dlink router and a non PoE 8ch switch.


The ELP I cant even get to connect to my network. The defalt IP is where as everything on my network is 192.168.0.xxx. I have various software that came with that camera such as CMS, device manager,NetSKD ect ect.


The dlinks i have typed in the username and password, IP address and the HTTP port as 80 and tried diffrent manufactures in the dropdown... nothing seems to connect them.


Is there a newer version of SW for this NVR and what am I doing wrong? The instructions sound like I should beable to click the scan button and it would find the IP cameras


My firmware also has the "general" and i have tried entering https://IP address and rtps:// IP adress and the webs service will not even save it

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I still havent figured out the links for the dlinks. Thier wesbite does say the 932L has a rtsp: link but I dont think my NVR likes the set up.


The IP4100VR I hooked up and tried various address with the use of the general drop down and the UDP checked.... finally this one worked



and it is a camera with no password.


The unif-G3 once I logged in gave me a RTSP URL of rtsp:// on the main page. I typed that in also as general and then click the TCP (after a few tries)


I have an Iphone and downloaded iDMSS and I can few/playback whatever as long as im connected to my network. How do I connect to my NVR when im outside my network? I have found the QR code on my app, but I dont know what Im supposed to scan it with

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Hello. Have you considered trying to set the NVR to DHCP and then seeing if you can locate it by the MAC on the TP Link router device list?


Search results for "dahua"

MAC Vendor

E0508B Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd.

9002A9 Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd.

4C11BF Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd.

3CEF8C Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd.

14A78B Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd.


About MAC address

MAC address - Media Access Control address. MAC addresses - hardware addresses that uniquely identifies each node of a network. It is assigned by the vendor or manufacturer and saved to the device memory.

According to the OSI model it is a second-level address. In IEEE 802 networks Data Link Control (DLC) layer is divided into two sub-layers: the Logical Link Control (LLC) layer and the Media Access Control (MAC) layer.

First 3 bytes (or 24 bits) of MAC addresses are known as the Organizationally Unique Identifier (OUI) and usually encodes the manufacturer.

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I have the IP set set staticly, and I have the IP address which is what I type in the browser to get to "web service" I can see the IP and MAC address of the nvr when I goto the IP of my router .. as a connected devise.

Web services has a different SN than the NVR on it. Should I be typing in the mac as the SN to view p2p or remotely ?

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The P2P ID assigned to to your NVR will most likely not work through any browser. It should work using the phone app or computer software that Dahua may have available for that particular NVR.


If the ports are forwarded, you can probably use the WAN IP assigned to your router to access the web service from a computer outside your network and possibly even from within. If you want to try that, you probably want to enable UPNP on your NVR.

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