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  1. Does anyone know how many RG59 Siamese cables will fit in 3/4 inch schedule 80 PVC pipe? Would like to put 3 in it, with the farthest run being about 200ft, will that pull okay that far or would I need to fish it through each individual piece? Also is their any negatives using PVC. Tried Direct Burial, but had 2 out of three lines go bad in a year and a half. Any suggestion or ideas would be great.
  2. Blake101

    Direct Burial RG59

    Thanks for the reply I will look into the Belden cable. Does anyone else have any suggestions on cable or any idea what else to look for?
  3. I installed 12 cameras appx 2 yrs ago, 9 with regular cable and 3 with direct burial cable. Everything has worked perfect until a few months ago, 2 of my cameras that are using the direct burial cables are having picture problems. Checked the cameras on another run and they work perfect, changed out the compression fittings and nothing changed, still a bad pictured. So I am thinking the cable is going bad. This is the cable I used ****Due to the Thick Outter Sheath of the Cable a Razer Blade MUST be used to Seperate the RG59 from the 18/2 Cable.**** AW-RG59U-S-5B-DB, RG-59/U Siamese Direct Burial Cable, 500 ft., 100% solid bare copper core, 95% bare copper shielding and stranded bare copper 18/2 power wire, UV resistant. I didn't put it in conduit. Can someone recommend a good quality cable for me. Just didn't think I would be replacing it in two years.
  4. Blake101

    my spider web issue is 100% solved

    I need to try that. They are bad here in Mississippi.
  5. Can some one point me to a sight that has a list of definitions for the camera settings (OSD) and what they do and how they effect the camera picture quality, and possibly how to go about adjusting them?
  6. Blake101

    HD-TVI cameras

    Can someone send me a P.M. on where to look for some decent priced cameras hd tvi cameras.
  7. Blake101

    HD-TVI cameras

    Anyone have anymore suggestion. Don't really won't to talk to anyone, I like to look with no pressure.
  8. Blake101

    HD-TVI cameras

    I am piecing together a security system with some great help. But I need some more input on who has a good selection of HD-TVI cameras. I still need about 6 or 7 more cameras. I bought 5 different cameras to try out last month, so I could decide which ones I liked. Well the two that I like, one is discontinued and the other one went up in price, so I need to find something else. Any suggestions on where to look?
  9. It would be nice where we could have a poll section where people could vote.
  10. Blake101

    Hikvision DS-7316HQHI-SH

    Guess not. Was hoping someone would chime in.
  11. What free ddns service do most people use?
  12. Where do most people put there DVR? Do I need to be worried about heat, I was thinking about putting it in the laundry room but was worried about the slightly higher humidity and sharing the same circuit as the washing machine. It is located inside the house with A/C Any suggestions or comments?
  13. Blake101

    Painting your Camera

    Has anyone ever painted your camera?
  14. Does anyone have a opinion on this unit?