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  1. [/b][/b]Wondering if I could please have some help!!! After I have installed and set up eyerything, I open the avermedia software. Every camera view is showing a green screen. The cameras are still detecting motion but not showing the view. Here are all the specs I have. I have also updated all drivers for everything and have the latest versions of the software installed aswell. Running: windows 7 enterprise 64 bit Gigabyte motherboard: GA-B250M - HD3 Chipset for motherboard: intel B250 CPU chipset: LGA1151 2 x mv6480exp cards ( holding 16 cameras) Avermedia nv6000 software version, 8gb ram (dim4) HDD: 5000gb (on 5 seperate hdd) Graphics card: GFORCE 9500GT with 4gb ram All analogue cameras CD-RM / DVD-RM ON BOARD ETHERNET ON BOARD SOUND CARD I have tried installing and uninstalling things, everything that I think it can be. Any advice or help would be really appreciated as I am at my wits end with this!!! Thanks in advance Josh