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  1. Haggis!!

    hello from scotland

    I have sent you a pm
  2. Haggis!!

    Vista Quantum Plus password help

    Good new that you got in to it. I checked my notes and unfortunately I don’t have the info. I was going to ask for make model and serial number and I would of been able to get a password reset for you but looks like you don’t need that now.
  3. Haggis!!

    Vista Quantum Plus password help

    I may have a solution for you, I will check my notes when I am back at work tomorrow.
  4. What version of buck up player are you using, reason I ask this is some will allow you to then export from the player as a avi. The only other way you will be able to get this to work is to carve the data for each camera creating a .ps file for each then convert that. It’s not a simple task and not something that should be attempted though with out the correct knowledge or experience. I really don’t understand why people have the fascination with converting raw cctv to other formats. I have used hundreds if not thousands of proprietary cctv players and can honestly say that I have only had issues with one or two players not working how I would like it to.
  5. It’s a qvis/ a-data Apollo hd1. It’s a very user friendly unit to use.
  6. Haggis!!

    Samsung backup help needed

    Samsung’s .bu file can only be viewed by playing them back in the dvr that they were exported from. You can’t upload them back to the dvr as the dvr only exports footage. Samsung did release a .bu to avi converter but in my experience it is very unreliable and glitches a lot especially if you have a lot of footage to play. If the footage is still available on the dvr then you can export it as a .sec ( comes as a .exe with player) or a .avi
  7. Can you post a couple more pictures of the dvr plus the menu/ main screen
  8. Haggis!!

    Floureon NVR password reset

    Thought I would update this as I have managed to fined the solution to getting pass the password on the nvr in question. I will not post this on the open forum but if any one is looking for how to do this feel free to send me a message N
  9. Looking for some assistance if anyone can help. I have been handed a floureon d6794nm NVR that the owner has lost the password. I have removed and managed to recover the data from the HDD and have that playing so that’s a start, I also need to be able to gain access to the NVR so I can check settings and the log as well as reset the password for future use. I have contacted floureon both by email and via social media and have had no reply back. Dose anyone have any advise or methods of resetting the password. Before anyone says remove the bios battery that’s not an option as that will only mess up the time and date.
  10. I will check my drives and get back to you as soon as I can.
  11. Did you get ahold of what you require? If not let me know and I'll look as I have a version of March networks cams and technicians set up software on an old drive somewhere.
  12. Haggis!!

    Starex DVR software

    What software are you looking for? Is it for remote viewing or playing back exported footage?
  13. Just having a random thought (prob not a good idea after a few whiskys) anyway I have installed several systems over the years that unitise ether proprietary or standalone software that will deal with facial recognition from a fixed camera normally of a high resolution. This sort of system as we all know is utilised world wide by everyone from businesses to government agencies but my question is this. Is there software out there that can take pre recorders from all sorts of cameras, positions, quality, and location then check against a known database of people? Something that's maybe used by law enforcement units to scan through evidential cctv footage.
  14. Haggis!!

    .vcr file extension help!!!

    Did you get this file to play or are you still requiring a player?
  15. Haggis!!

    .vcr file extension help!!!

    What brand of DVR was the files exported from? Should have a player in my database but since .vcr is quite a common file extension in the CCTV world I may need a copy of one of your files to find the right one. N