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  1. Hello, I have an existing Qvis IP cctv system. I want to add two additional cameras that aren’t Qvis own but it’s proving difficult. I have the new Cameras going through a POE switch because the Qvis Nvr won’t recognise a non Qvis camera. I can view the cameras via the IP address on a web browser but no matter what I do I can’t get them to show up on the NVR. It knows a camera is there because it asks me if I want to add it but I get the error “device type problem” the camera I’m trying to use is a Hikvision one, I’ve installed a non Qvis camera before and got it working but can’t seem to do it this time. What am I doing wrong?
  2. jordanthomson

    POe switcher for time changing cameras

    Hi. No. Poe switch to camera and network cable to router.... Leave NVR out till you have altered camera settings. You would access your camera via PC browser using the IP address for the camera. How did you first setup your viper unit ? Did you setup NVR first and set all the time and date. Or did you connect everything then setup time and date. What are your settings on the time menu. Hi tomcctv, It was my electrician who set it up for me, him who has installed and walked away leaving me with these problems. He plugged everything in and then adjusted the time on the NVR. Update for today, poe switch came and is setup. Im only reading your reply now and have already connected the NVR to the poe switch. I was able now to see the IP address of the cameras ( i never could before because it was directly into the NVR), i did change the time via the ip address of the camera but it did change back to an odd time again. I chose to manually set the time and it still changed. The NVR is connected while i was doing all this, should i unplug it from the switch and do it all again?
  3. Hi everyone. I have a VIPER Qvis system which use Qvis ONVIF cameras. The time stamp on the cameras keep changing but because the cameras are powered by the NVR they don't plug into the router at home herefor I can't access their full menu to change parts of the camera and update firmware etc. I was told to get myself a POe switch to allow myself to have control of the cameras as they won't be plugged directly into the NVR anymore. So I've bought one, I'm a bit unsure to how it works. From what I understand... the internet feed to the NVR will be plugged into the UP link on the switch. My cameras will then be plugged into the POe switch and a final cable from the switch to the network Ethernet port on the NVR to supply internet. Am I correct? PS, Qvis gave no support with the issue, been trying for 10 weeks and the installer was a plug and play kinda guy and didn't know the ins and outs of problem solving. Thanks J
  4. jordanthomson

    How to upgrade Onvif ip camera

    Hi Tom Thanks for replying. Ok, so, ill get one of these poE switches you were talking about, i couldn't find one in PC world for that price but will this one do the same job https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B014XEPT72/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_AK0AzbTX4D3S4 So when everything is connected to this switch (ethernet internet supply and the two cameras) ill be able to get the direct IP address from my internet hub of the cameras to have full management control? am i correct? Jordan
  5. jordanthomson

    How to upgrade Onvif ip camera

    Hello Just another update for anyone who can help. Checked the cameras this morning and the time stamp has changed again after uninstalling the third party monitoring app on my phone. Jordan
  6. jordanthomson

    How to upgrade Onvif ip camera

    Hi tom, Cameras are connected directly into the NVR. I am using the Viper NVR from Qvis and EYE-4MP-FW cameras. Someone else installed, he's a fully qualified electrician although its evident he isn't best trained in the operation of the CCTV as I'm not getting much help from him. Jordan
  7. Hello, For 5 weeks now i have had issues with my QVIS cctv system. Its too long to go into but my Onvif ip camera keeps changing its time stamp on its own. Ive logged into my qvis system through the ip address and changed the time and it keeps reverting back to some weird time. I also keep setting the motion detection areas and when i log back in it doesn't keep the areas i set, it changes them to something else. I thought it may be the 3rd party surveillance app i use separate to my NVR so i have uninstalled it and changed the time so i will see if it changes again. I have called QVIS multiple times to ask about firmware upgrades but no one will speak to me because I'm not a business account holder.....ANNOYING. How do i upgrade the firmware on my Onvif cameras? and why does the motion areas keep changing. Regards Jordan
  8. jordanthomson

    Big problems with QVIS system

    Hi tomcctv I am using VIPER-NVR-4-1TB for the recording and I'm using EYE-4MP-FW cameras. How do i disable the time stamp on the cameras? cheers
  9. Hello everyone I got two QVIS cctv systems installed last week and have had nothing but problems. The time stamp on the IP camera keeps changing itself to some wired time...ive logged into the IP address and changed it but it keeps changing back to a wired time. Also i keep changing the motion sensing areas on the camera, (the bits i want it to ignore) both on the DVR and through the IP but no matter where i change it when i go back in its changed it to something else. What the hell do i do, its driving me crazy. QVIS won't talk to me on the phone because i don't have a business account with them and online help are rubbish. Cheers Jordan