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I have an existing Qvis IP cctv system. I want to add two additional cameras that aren’t Qvis own but it’s proving difficult. 

I have the new Cameras going through a POE switch because the Qvis Nvr won’t recognise a non Qvis camera. 

I can view the cameras via the IP address on a web browser but no matter what I do I can’t get them to show up on the NVR. It knows a camera is there because it asks me if I want to add it but I get the error “device type problem”

the camera I’m trying to use is a Hikvision one, I’ve installed a non Qvis camera before and got it working but can’t seem to do it this time. 

What am I doing wrong? 

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Always check are the cameras ONVIF, which means it can talk to each other. However, it can only guarantee to have an image, not any other function.

Don't really recommend people to mix recorder and camera with different brands, it usually causes issues. Only if you've spoken to the supplier first and make sure it all works. 


I would say, speak to the shop where you bought the cameras, see what they can do.


God bless, man

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