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  1. Can you elaborate - how does a router that supports a VPN server going to secure a DVR from unauthorized access? I'm still new to this.
  2. klimsi

    System design tips for a complete newbie

    Now, I'm even more confused as far as the remote monitoring part goes. Are there any guides on setting this up? I don't understand how a secure design should look like. Why would I need a "vpn on your phone, tablet or computer where you are viewing your cams remotely" ? If I go the this route - I can still use the same interent connection, just connect the DVR router before the home/office network? Or should I get a separate ISP for the surveillance? Also, can a DVR support SMS notification or calling my number, or do I need a separate device/module for that?
  3. There is now a free SSL/TLS certificate authority - https://letsencrypt.org/ So why aren't you encrypting the forum? You should at least secure the login page...
  4. Here's what I want to design: - a few cameras with motion detection - a few smoke detectors - a DVR that allows to monitor cameras remotely (i.e. via internet) - as far as I understood with a VPN router it should be relative secure from hacking - send SMS notification or call my number when the cameras detect motion or the smoke detectors detect smoke My main problem is the DVR. I don't know what DVR to get (standalone, PC-based, brands, models, etc.) and what kind of software I would need for the setup I have listed above.
  5. So with a VPN it wouldn't matter if it's a standalone or PC-based?
  6. Hello, For a CCTV system that would be monitored via the Internet what is more secure from outside hacking - PC based or standalone systems?