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  1. Sounds like a bad Power Supply. Give us a ring, and we'll take a look at it. Or we can point you to a site to buy a new power supply.




    That's what I was thinking. Maybe I'll crack the case and test the output from the power supply (I assume I'm looking for 12v). Is there anything I should know before doing this?

  2. After almost three years, my KSR-516 finally gave out.


    My part of the SF Bay Area had an extended power outage today. When the power finally came back on, the KSR-516 refused to power up. After almost three years of flawless service, it's completely dead.


    I don't see a fuse and have long ago lost the instruction manual. Does anyone know how to troubleshoot a power-up problem?

  3. kasedeya where you been ..! Yeah telacam tinks you is a big CCTV company ..


    I've been really busy (long story). Still in the process of catching up with the latest CCTV news. Sounds like our new little friend, 'intell', needs to get a grip. You don't 'win' loyal customers from this forum by threatening them.

  4. All due respect, Gen IV is Garbage. This is from a non-biased Security Installer.


    Though I rarely agree with DataAve, I have to agree. I own and use a variety of camera brands and my Gen IV is by far the lowest performer of my day/nights. The daytime image is fine, but the night image is horrible. Tried the camera in different locations, but no joy with any of them.


    See my other posts on this camera for details.

  5. Here is yet another advantage for chosing the right UPS - Most of them come with $10,000 damage warranty.... We have not seen one causing any problems to any of our equipment, but it is good to know that if something happens and that you can prove that the UPS caused the damage, then you are entitled to collect...


    I suspect you would have to sue the UPS manufacturer to collect on any significant damages. Lawyers often cost more than the cost of replacing hardware.

  6. I really cant comment on the prices over there, we are quite cheap here, infact even cheaper than Samsung, BTW that 620 cam is 1/2" not 1/3 or 1/4 and has a mechanical filter, amplifier to get 1kilometer out of RG59 and motion detection, but mostly 1/2" would bang the price right up as it is very sensitive indeed


    Understood. But what are the "special applications" it is designed for?

  7. Kaysadeya,


    No matter what price this camera or any similar camera is, the consenses will always state that it is on the high side... However, when you observe a tremendous difference in picture quality vs. others in the same category and similar prices, you will realize that it is priced right... If I were to tell you that I can give you any discount on this camera, I am sure you will still state that it is expensive, because you may not have an application for this type of technology...


    These type of cameras obviously are not for everyone, thus it has its special applications... If you find that application and plug in this camera, you will see very satisfied customer...




    What are the "special applications" for this camera? If it has exceptional day/night and wide-dynamic performance, then it would qualify as a general-purpose outdoor camera.


    The only way I would be able to evaluate such a camera is by spending huge $$$ of my own money. Hopefully someone who installs a lot of different cameras will be able to provide us with a review of a newer Bosch camera at some point in the future.

  8. Too 'spensive and the day/night cameras don't appear to have mechanically operated IR cut filters.


    what ???? $875 for their newest Xf day Night 1/2 Inch camera, better have an Ir Cut Filter!! lol


    Any option for "They have no sales peeps in my area so i went with ExtremeCCTV??"


    After looking at the updated data sheets on the LTC 0495 and LTC 0620, they do appear to have mechanically switching IR filters. This was not clear from their earlier data sheets. The LTC 0620 looks like an interesting camera, though a little 'spensive at $515:





  9. OK, OK, ignore the Everfocus part. I feel the same way.


    My question is about the Sony HQ chip.


    I did a search for 'Sony HQ' and the only CCTV camera reference I could find was related to Everfocus. Who knows, maybe the company is stepping up their quality a notch with these new cameras. It would be good if someone here could get one for testing.

  10. For crimps to work well, we need a good quality connector that is designed to fit the guage of the specific wire we are using WITH THE CORRECT DIES for the wire we are using. A generic "one size fits all" crimping tool is unrealiable.


    Exactly. I can’t seem to be able to find BNC connectors sized for the West Penn siamese wire I’m using. The coax portion is RG-59, but the outer jacket is much thinner than standard sized RG-59 coax.