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  1. Yes, I got all kinds of insecure site warnings signing up on this site.
  2. We ran them along the corner at the top of the wall where it joins the soffet and then covered with a molding.
  3. Hello, I have a Samsung security camera system that was installed awhile ago. I know that it's crap and has issues, it's easy to hack into so I took it offline, turned off port forwarding. Samsung discontinued support for this unit and discontinued the support for viewing cameras from outside the network but I view them from my computer using SmartViewer to check on parts of my property I can't see from my house. Lately I am having trouble logging into the cameras with SmartViewer, it tells me another user is logged in. There's nobody else on my network and I don't believe anyone else can log into the cameras since they are only accessible within the network. Or am I wrong? If anyone can help with this I'd sure appreciate it.