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  1. connect another router to your dsl modem, and your devices to that router
  2. Re-install what? I just downloaded CMS searched for the cam in local, put username and password and it worked (before the current login problem). I didnt install anything. I cannot access it from lan anymore. you said that they send you a software.. do you have SADP with this you can downalod when the camera was activated date and time, some reset software is like the one for hikvision where you download the time and date and it generates a master code to reset the password....
  3. Are You using the same ip address as your local network or do you have a alias like a DNS???
  4. rasanti

    ivms 4200 question

    Hi can some one please help ... On the iVMS4200 what is the error 119 I have a NVR on hikconnect, I am able to see it from the phone but not on the pc I get this error 119 DNS divice
  5. Hi, I have a system running like the one you want to build. let me tell you how i did it.... I used ubiquiti system but you can try Cambium or a old tech call WiMAX.... what you need is a base of what ever wireless PTMP tech 1- Base ( this is going to be your access point) 2- CPE ( this are going to be the radios on a bridge mode) 3- IP Camera ( this is the one whit a static IP address) 4-NVR 5- Router ( to administrate the ip's) With a bit a knologe on networking is going to be a piece of cake.. the system that I am running has 25 ip cameras and the longest shot is 3.4 miles also if you can get internet to the ip cameras you can setup a DDNS and capture the image on the NVR on your post you said that there 3 buildings so is easy because you only need 1 base and 2 CPE I hope that I can help, feel free to ask