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Point to point wireless system

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Hi Guy's,


at work, we have 3 buildings and although i can run a cable without to much trouble to 2 of them from the office, I have one building which is across the yard and I want to put cameras up.


I will be using ip cameras and have already tried power line adaptors (which it doesn't even find the camera), so I'm thinking of putting a point to point system up.


The building is about 45m away so running a cable would mean digging a trench straight through the yard.


My boss is a bit of a tight git so i wouldn't have a lot of money to spend. and the point to point would be used for CCTV only (no internet access will be needed from the other building)


Can anyone give me any tips or ideas?


Also, once the point to point is in, whats the maximum distance i would be able to run a wire (is it still 100m through cat5?


Many thanks in advance.



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you should stick to 100 meters with cat 5 or 6 especially if you are running poe. the distance you are talking about going wireless and only running a single camera could be accomplished useing ubiquity equipment. look up their many offerings and you should be able to find a pair of APs for under $200.00.

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Hi, I have a system running like the one you want to build.


let me tell you how i did it....


I used ubiquiti system but you can try Cambium or a old tech call WiMAX....

what you need is a base of what ever wireless PTMP tech

1- Base ( this is going to be your access point)

2- CPE ( this are going to be the radios on a bridge mode)

3- IP Camera ( this is the one whit a static IP address)


5- Router ( to administrate the ip's)

With a bit a knologe on networking is going to be a piece of cake..


the system that I am running has 25 ip cameras and the longest shot is 3.4 miles


also if you can get internet to the ip cameras you can setup a DDNS and capture the image on the NVR

on your post you said that there 3 buildings so is easy because you only need 1 base and 2 CPE


I hope that I can help, feel free to ask

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