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  1. jfsoto1988

    QSEE dvr QC9916 password locked

    I guess I can save the Western Digital Purple 3TB hard drives.
  2. Is there a way to completely unlock a QSee DVR? I was given two QSEE qc9916 DVRs that were being thrown out at work. They are still in good working condition, but they are password locked. I guess its works if you only want live view from your TV. The date/time reset after I removed the battery, but its still password locked. Admin/Admin didn't work. I even tried typing the serial number as a password.
  3. jfsoto1988

    Telephone line to Cat5 ethernet?

    I actually owned this DVR for a while, I just never did the network setup. I will definetly save up for a better system. 960h is a bit outdated.
  4. jfsoto1988

    Telephone line to Cat5 ethernet?

    Your right it does. I was inserting the CAT5 cable backwards. Thanks.
  5. I want to connect my Zmodo H.264 8CH DVR (ZMD-DX-SAN8) to the DSL Router so I could then set up the Zmodo app on my phone. The problem is that the DVR has an RJ11 and not a CAT5 like the owners manual says it has. Is there an adapter that converts the telephone line to ethernet?
  6. Am I suppose to connect the RCA (DVR Side) to Audio Out with a BNC adapter? The camera that has the microphone connected is on Ch5, which I connect the RCA to RCA Audio In Ch5, but there is no sound. The DVR has a volume setting & I have the display through VGA on my large plasma flat screen TV. Is the RCA supposed to be connected to the AV connections of TV?
  7. jfsoto1988

    Dash cam micro sd ?

    What class of MicroSD card are you using? Many newer dash cams require Class 10 MicroSD cards as they are more suitable for HD video recording. Also, are you using a Thinkware dash cam? Those dash cams are programmed through the MicroSD card. The firmware and software can be downloaded from their website.
  8. I was wondering if its safe to paint BNC cables to make them a bit more discreet. Instead of running the cables through the attic, I just drilled a hole and inserted a PVC pipe and recessed wall plate so the BNC cables could pass from my bedroom where my DVR is located to outside, then they travel up to the roof eaves along a line of cable clamps screwed to PVC pipes. I don't have outdoor power outlets, so NVR & IP Cameras are out of the picture for the moment. Would heat from the sun cause the paint to eat the insulation over time? I purchased HD BNC Cables from Amazon and they seem to be a bit thicker than the regular BNC cables. Also, I have the connections wrapped in electrical tape to prevent dust and moisture from rusting them. I painted the PVC pipes and cable clamps to match the color of the outdoor concrete walls.
  9. My DVR is an 8 CH Zmodo H.264 ZMD-DX-SAN8.
  10. Is this a good setup for the front porch? Should I install it hanging from the roof instead. It seems that the wood frames get in the way too much. The dome camera will be for the front door. Its a Videosecu CCD dome camera which I'm going to test to see if they are good replacement candidates for my older Zmodo CMOS bullet cameras. They aren't IP cameras since I don't have any outdoor power outlets & my Wi-Fi is older DSL (by Frontier Communications). Since I cant really access the attic, I will be running the BNC cables through the wall and along the roof eaves (& probably protect the cables with PVC tubes). I will also be replacing the older Zmodo BNC cables with thicker ZOSI BNC cables. Before I painted my home, I had the cables stapled to the indoor walls. That was an eyesore. Also, what do you think of painting my older cameras to make them more discreet? I used Rustoleum Camouflage non reflective. This will be my planned setup. I painted my house exterior from white to green (BEHR Premium Satin), although the paint might be a little dark at night. To help the cameras at night, I installed a couple of Solar PathLights from Harbor Freight Tools along my front yard fence, replaced an old motion sensor with a new 180 degree Defiant motion sensor from Home Depot, & plan to install a 60LED Solar Motion Light from Harbor Freight.