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  1. dobriq313

    New Cameras

    A good working IP camera, 5 megapixels, with options wired/wireless, waterproof, night vision, is about 45 us dollars. The same is the price of the recorder NVR And you have to buy separately HDD, probably $100 for 2-3-4TB
  2. Hello, Can you send me link / the name of the alternative app please? Kust bought tv box based on Android 13 and XMeye is constantly crashing Thank you
  3. Hello, I have NVR with surveillance cameras and because I am far from home want to watch it. I am using XMeye app for my phone (Android and Iphone) - perfectly fine. Recently bought TV box (Android 13) but XMeye is constantly crashing here. Have to reset to default the whole tv box, new installation of XMeye. Than the app is running for one day and than again starts to crash. Just added additional heatsinks, to make it run colder but nothing is changing. What can be the reason?
  4. I got this old IP camera for present. How can I hard reset this camera? There is not "reset" button. Thank you