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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there, I have a DVR, the cameras work perfectly when viewed locally. Now I am trying to set up the XMeye software to view cameras on my phone but I cannot get past the following page. (See screenshot) I know the password is correct but it keeps telling me it's incorrect. Is this a bug in the software? I really don't know what to do and am hoping someone here might be able to assist.
  2. He there, Does anyone have an idea how these XmEye like Apps connect to your recorder at home? Do they directly connect to your recorder through internet and home router or they connect to some other 3rd party server (somewhere else), which our recorder streams too?
  3. I have bought a used AVR-808 (H265+ capable DVR with XMEye cloud app) but it has password to access it. I have tried default password and password generated by "CCTV Super Password" apps with no luck. Pull the battery off also not give any help. When I tried to scan verification code, it send the code to the email address that might be the former owner. Is there any way I can hard reset it? or maybe a Superpassword? Any kind of help I would be appreciate it.
  4. Good day, I require assistance, Since after updating to the latest firmware on Xmeye mobile app. My NVR has been rebooting randomly and before then the CCTV will freeze for a few minutes then restart and goes back to normal. This can happen anytime of the day/week and I tried looking into every setting and still does not work. Please see attachment for device version and software version. I would like to revert back to the previous version. However I am not sure what the previous version is as I am unable to see it
  5. I have a Jooan DVR and three cameras. In the DVR interface/browser, I see all cameras. I can log into each camera directly, just fine. However, in XMEYE I’m only able to see two cameras. Any ideas?