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  1. tmunroe

    Dahua 16 channel DVR D1 resolution for sale

  2. http://www.ebay.com/itm/231722870138?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  3. thanks for the reply and info any suggestions on reasonably priced ir's
  4. What external infrared illuminator would work with cnb vcm24vf cameras 940nm or 850nm Would I need to change any setttings on the camera when I install the illuminators thanks
  5. I have a some 50 ohm twist on BNC connecters, I think video calls for 75 ohm, will the 50 ohm connecters work
  6. tmunroe

    Need help new dvr

    Ok I bought a Nuvico AL-1600, its lasted one day, it worked fine I was able to view and access video through the internet then it stopped, Nuvico Tech support couldnt fix it so it went back I was looking at these two as possible replacements. I dont really need a hybrid I have 10 CNB VCM-24vf cameras that will be hooked up. I want to record more than one channel in D1 at a time so this is what i found Avermedia EH5216H 16 channel Hybrid DVR which claims D1 record on 8 channels but i cant find if its DI record on the first eight analog or the IP channels. Doesnt list the DSP processer http://www.averusa.com/surveillance/productdetail.aspx?id=136 Generation IV Technology, aka Intellicam in the past, it claims D1 recording on all 16 channels found that it has Texas Instruments Davinchi processer http://www.genivtechnology.com/products-one/category-two/G4-RTAHD-D1 Any advice thanks
  7. tmunroe

    Not Happy With EV8000

    I just bought a Nuvico AL-1600 it lasted one day. I was able to port forward and remote view, but then for some reason I lost live video on the remote view, could never get it back, I was able to view saeved video remotely. Tech support for me was ok but they couldnt fix it, so it went back Nuvico Now trying to decide what to buy to replace it
  8. I know i looked to they dont offer anything smaller or comparable. I might end up returning this one and ordering the vcb-34vf. i have a lot of sun in the afternoon so i think the wdr may be a better choice, cnb also has a new model with xwdr is that better than wdr, its wierd the camera with xwdr is cheaper than the one with wdr. So many choices now its decision time for a dvr, salesman ive been dealing with is pushing a nuvico al-1600. I researched a lot and the more i do the more i get confused, one thing i hate is when you go to a manufacter website and try to do a live demo of a dvr only for it not to work, you would think haveing there live demo up and running would be a priority, i had to call a couple of them to have it fixed
  9. Ok you suggestions helped thank you, I also moved the camera closer to the area that i wanted to see the cars and that helped a lot, i think i might have been too far away at approximately 80ft. i just wish these domes wernt so big, is there anything out there similar to them in a smaller design
  10. thanks for the info, i wil test it tonight and report
  11. well the camera switches to black and white i notice yours is color, so maybe i dont have as good of lighting as yours. should i leave it in color mode, you think that would help, i dont have a dvr yet so i cant send you any test shots. what settings would you recommend
  12. The lighting is good a street light 100 foot away and the neighbors houses light up the area well. I out the slbc on high which helped put doesnt help with the glare from headlights and tailights. The cars are traveling past my house not directly toward the camera
  13. Thanks I was trying the CNB vcm-24vf
  14. I tried a CNB analog camera but wasnt happy at the night shot, couldnt make out cars driving by my residence because of the glare from there headlights and tailights, would a ip camera be better at night, I was looking at the CNB Ip Camera http://www.cnbtec.com/en/html/product/product.php?seqx_prod=1196 I have been reading through the forums and I am confused, do i have to buy a license for the camera in addition to the camera, can't I just plug into a nvr and record, it looks like this one connects to you network and you can view it remoteley or do I have to pay for license to do that Very CONFUSED!!!