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  1. DVR MAN

    Samsung SCO-2080R STINKS!!!

    Go into our menu and look for the reset option. Click on it to return the settings to the factory settings. If things do not improve, email me. DVR MAN
  2. DVR MAN

    Samsung SCO-2080R STINKS!!!

    I just switched to the Samsungs. Mine are razor sharp and do not show any flair or wash out when the image brightens. I think you need to play with the setup menu. As for focus, try zooming to the aproximate view that you need. Then tighten the zoom screw. Then tighten the focus screw just barely enough to lmpart a slight drag on it. Use your thumb and forefinger on either side of the focus screw, and bearly move it until you achieve focus. Then watch the monitor and move side to side on the screw to nail the sweet spot. Be sure to have a decent monitor with good crisp resolution. Also assure that you are focusing on an object that has sharply defined lines (like spokes on a mag wheel). This procedure works well for me. DVR MAN P.S. Did you buy from an authorzed reseller?
  3. DVR MAN

    Bullet cams vs Dome Cameras for outdoor use?

    I prefer bullets over domes. It seems that domes have inherent I/R ghosting problems. If you look at a night image from a dome, look for a hazy ring of reflections from the I/Rs. Some bullets also have this problem, but domes exhibit more. Domes have more limited i/R distance also. I have recently switched from one brand of bulets (which had hit/miss ghosting between cameras) to a brand with absolutly no ghosting. Just crisp clear night vision. The I/Rs on the new cameras are almost invisible due to new coating technology. The lens covers 2.8-10MM. The I/R is evenly dispersed from ~5-10 MM, but is slightly darker on edges at 2.8-5 MM. These cameras are real killers out to 50 meters at night. I don't think I can mention brand names. If interested email me. DVR Man
  4. DVR MAN


    It is not a DVR. I was setting up this forum on my new tablet. The # of attempted logins was exceeded and I got locked out. Now it is asking for a CAPTCHA! I never herd of such a thing. There is nothing on the tablet screen called capotcha. So I am fried as far as being able to log in on my new tablet. DVR MAN
  5. I somehow exceeded my # of logins on my tablet. Now it is asking for some CAPTCHA!!! What the heck is that? Whatever it is, it is not on my tablet screen. Why the ordeal? Why not just have a 1/2 hour wait? How do I rectify this? DVR MAN
  6. I have not had a problem with tangeling when using this method. However, I always had issues when pulling the coax with the fish. As for inaccesable locations, I look before drilling when I shoot the Laser. The hook on a stick reaches in tight areas to grab the coax. Surprisingly, the coax seems to coil up reasonably well. DVR MAN
  7. I pre measure so that I can install the cam while on the ladder. Then after I climb down, the outside work is done. DVR MAN except for aiming & focusing. Sometimes it lays in a coil that becomes a tangle when you pull it out. Sometimes that tangle is in an inaccessable spot & requires that all the cable be pulled through , tangle sorted out & then relaid. Siamese can be a pain because of the twist that remains when pulled out. I take the cameras out of the box when recieved. Then I mount them on a Bogen tripod, hook them to a 20" color Bosch monitor, and focus/back focus them,( I aim out the bedroom window at my Jeep mags to adjust the focus) , and set the F.O.V. according to my IP Video cad spec's. I have never had an issue doing it this way. For cable length, I use my Stabila Laser distancer LE-100. Has not failed me yet.
  8. I pre measure so that I can install the cam while on the ladder. Then after I climb down, the outside work is done. DVR MAN
  9. Soffet install; For years I have drilled, fed a fish tape through the hole, climbed down the ladder, went inside attached the coax to the fish, then went back up the ladder and pulled, ETC,ETC. BUMMER! Last month I had an appefony. I measured the cable, took it up the ladder, drilled a 1/2 inch hole, and fed the coax inside. It coils up in a pile. Then I hook up the camera. Then go inside and snag the cable with a hook on a rod. Pull the cable out flat, feed it down the drop hole, add BNC and stick it on the DVR. Wire the power and DONE. No muss, No fuss. Try it! DVR MAN
  10. DVR MAN


    Forget it. We returned the unit, and aquired one that worked. DVR MAN
  11. We just acquired a Digimerge DH-2581TB DVR. This unit has an excellent menu, which led us to purchase the unit. However, the video clips are pixillated. We have never experienced this before. We have installed seven DVRs of various brands including two dash cams, of which all had excellent images. The Digimerge videos are pixillated. We tried every setting on our laptop and DVR, nothing seems to work. The Digimerge team says the unit is functioning correctly and we are stretching the image causing the pixillation. How so? All of the other units never did this. Has anyone experienced this problem? If so how did you correct it? Thanks in advance, DVR MAN
  12. That's the way I remember it.
  13. DVR MAN

    Some IR questions...

    I believe Nuvico SD-29N/L (ck #) Has a color I/R setting in the menu. DVR MAN
  14. You may want to look at SC-Black H.264 DVRs. easy menus, sharp video, user friendly. DVR MAN
  15. Are there BNC connectors on the cables? If so be aware of the following:The BNC is .575" in diameter (I use 5/8" for clearance). My Siamese cable is .485" X .240". I use cable lube to ease pulling and help prevent jacket tears. I seal against weather inside and outside with Electricians putty (known as Elephant $__t in the trade). This stays pliable and waterproof. It can be removed and replaced if needed. It also keeps bugs out. I use a strain relief on the inside so no one can pull the cables out. Hope this helps! DVR Man