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  1. pauldawson21

    ongoing motion detection issues., Help

    Hi. Thanks for the responce it’s a Zosi setup. Nd is has 8 wired cctv cameras.
  2. Hello, I am posting this As I have ongoing issues with my CCTV system. The issues which I am encountering are relating to the motion detection activation feature within the cctv system which i have set up to monitor the parameters of my home. These are motion detections being recieved by the dvr from the directly connected wired cameras installed. But there are being repeatably falsely triggered. Continuously day and night. I have looked closely into the setting relating to motion configurations on the DVRs installed operational system and everything seems to be configured correctly as far as i can see. The sensitively set for each camera seems appropriate and does not seem to be anything that is contributing to this issues re-occurrence. However despite my efforts to pin point the cause to this operating errors occurrence, I am still encountering the continuous motion detection triggers and remain puzzled in regards to a logical cause to this matter. If anyone could please help me solve this issue it will be much appreciated, sincerely your time would by myself. as it stands currently, the usage of my homes CCTV system is somewhat limited. Please anyone with good knowledge relating to this area of cctv, please do get in touch and thanks again for reading this request.