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    Suggestions & help on stuff

    Hello I need some input and how to for connecting or using a dedicated computer as my dvr/nvr idk... I have a dedicated DVR 4 channel analog thats giving me problems so looking to maybe just use an older computer I have as a replacement but no clue what to do,what is needed or if this is a good option for me . I only have 4 channel's now and need to upgrade to maybe 8+/- and all my cams are analog but willing to upgrade to whatever I just need to know if going through a pc worth it or do i just buy new dvr/nvr? And exactly what equipment hardware / software is needed so I can view from my phone on occasion and control ptz cams. Thanks for the help its greatly appreciated !


    sO no one is goingh to chime in on this one or what lol. Come on fellers lets get some opinions in here . **** if i do butcher it up and turn the camera into garbage so what least we all learned something right lollol . But if it works thats awesome and hell we still learned somethin here . So come on lets hear some feedback here guys this is gunna be awesome


    Hello all quick question and I hope im in the right spot here. So I got handed down to me a ZOSI ZG2612C DIGITAL CAM and its a 4 in 1 so its got the little 4 way joystick down by the power and BNC connectors are..This things a pain to adjust over my phone it looks great then when i go inside the picture on my monitor is complete garbage .So is it possible to relocate the joystick lets say about 60' away from the camera and it still be functional? Im needing to play with the video settings on this particular camera . Thanks in advance for your help its greatly appreciated lol Oh and any suggestions for a good ptz or dome with zoom that would be going in an ok lighted driveway on 8 ' eve. Right now i have a Watch Dog DW VMAX480 ,But will most likely be going to NVR here fairly soon .

    In need of good advice from you pros here

    Thanks for the advice Harjot but im not looking for another subscription at this point and time but i do rerally appreciate your help

    In need of good advice from you pros here

    Ok sorry guys but ive been trying to figure out what my next ebay or amazon turret cam purchase will be here and now after 2 hours of window shopping im just more confused as ever ! lol ive read the DAHUA STARLIGHT 4mp torret cameras are a good buy for the clarity of night vision and the price @ $50-$100 is about what i want to spend per cam but if one of you professionals could please share a link or something that I could just go and buy that would be greatly appreciated . I currently have a hand me down WATCH DOG DW-VMAX 4 dvr that runs NTSF / PAL . I am not planning on running this for 2 long upgrading to whatever when the time comes here probably in the next few months or so to something along the lines of an 8 to ??? channel dvr or nvr havent done homework yet so. Any help is greatly appreciated and thanks guys have a great day

    In need of good advice from you pros here

    Well right on thanks for the info 51cent much appreciated for sure . I had no idea anout the spider webs but makes perfect sense. And im better off on the lower eves huh ok i'll run with it .......Thanks man
  7. Hey all total noob here to cctv so bear with me here .My 68 year old mother/grandma is getting a bit older now and seems to think EVERY door to door salesman or random stranger that comes and rings the bell is completley harmless and means no harm so she goes outside closing the front door because dogs are barking like crazy goes through the security door and greets them at the gate where any damn thing could happen.Shes too trusting these days! She had my brother completley remove the burglar alarm from the house because she doesnt feel threatened in the neighborhood lol. So kinda hit up a buddy who is the only one i really know who even has a cctv system for some help and he gave me some older than dirt Watch Dog DW-VMAX 4 that works but whatever after the armfulls of cameras he has given me to try out most bullet style and fixed dome ones anyways the best ones are up and look ok in the day while others look like garbage but work great at night so she lives on a pretty long street where on 1 side of the street is block wall and alot of random people just park and do all sorts of crap so i need some advice on being able to get a good clear view both night and day down both directions of the street and driveway and being mounted from under or on the eve about 12'-14' up. Was looking into PTZ that could zoom in real good to about 500 ft night and day but damn those things get up there in price fast Maybe few hundred I would be comfortable spending on one of them lol. Or would just putting 2 either bullets or them wall mount dome looking things up under the lower eves that are about 9' up be better. From what shes got up now its a start but a crappy one at that. So this is where you Pro guys here on the site come in whats going to give her /me the sharpest picture both day and night and not be all crazy expensive a security system straight from a box with dvr and cams etc or piecing one together like a cam or dvr every 2 weeks or so being im a single dad of 2 girls she watches so hense this system needs to be kinda ok loll. Probably looking into at least an 8 channel for future ad ons .Any help and a point in the right direction is greatly appreciated and THANK YOU in advance yall

    Free cameras to good home

    Boy that sure would be a great start right there ! Well if they are not gone yet id like to take them off your hands there buddy. Im just getting into the game here and being a single dad kinda takes a while for my rainy day fundage jar to add up to where i actually have money i can do anything with lol

    Hi all from So Cal

    Hey so i guess these dang cameras are WAY MORE HI TECH than I thought . So here I am with a ton of dumb questions for you all lol .Thanks in advance lol