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  1. Hi, I have been given a 4 channel unbranded dvr box with 4 cameras, is about 720p and good enough for what I need at the moment. I actually have 2 issues but am hoping fixing one might do something for the other. My first issue is local pc connection and live streaming. I have it all set up and my talktalk router can see the dvr box, I can ping the dvr box from the pc and I can use ie on the ip address of the dvr and get a log in screen, all it asks for are 3 things, password (I have set admin and user passwords on the dvr and tried both), lan or internet and language (which is a blank box with no options). I cannot seem to live stream the dvr through this still, I have (hesitantly) set all active x settings to enable in ie as I don't really use it for anything anyway, I use opera and firefox for my normal browsing yet when I try and log in through ie it keeps saying log in failed. The talktalk router has port forwarding as you would expect but is only allowing me to select one (trigger) rule per host (device) so I have set it for tcp/udp with the external port and internal ports set as the ports I have set in the dvr respectively for internet and media. I haven't tried placing it in the DMZ yet but as I'm starting to pull my hair out it is getting close. I have tried accessing the dvr through a couple of different viewer programs I got from swann and hikivision, as well as vlc but nothing will live stream. The second issue I have is there is a microphone, it has 3 connections, power, audio and what looks like power through which is connected to the camera and the camera is working. when I take the 264 file from the dvr on a usb stick and play it on either vlc or the other 2 programs, there is no audio but the file for that camera is at least 40MB larger than the other 3 cameras, will this work on live stream (as I have no audio output on the dvr box) and is there a way of getting anything to play it when a single independent file? If someone can help would be appreciated, using the dvr normally and copying the files isn't an issue, watching them on the dvr isn't an issue, but it would be nice to get this working properly with the pc to live stream, not record, but would also be nice to get the audio working. I have searched the forum a bit, watched videos and read other sites but I am a little stuck. Thank You.