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  1. VJD

    CCTV for Dummies !!!

    I think I still have one of those in a box up in the attic!
  2. Can you share with us in what environment you think they are better than box or IR cameras?
  3. I just had to post this :
  4. VJD

    Focus tools

    I thought the "Camera Master" or similar device would actually be better than using the subjective good old eye.
  5. FYI I got a response from Aver support stating that the drive should work.
  6. Thanks for the info sajaan. Have you tried any hard drives that were not on the supported list? I wonder if any of the Segate SV35 drives would work?
  7. Thanks Wendy. What about the display question?
  8. Is the quality the same between the EB1350net and EB1704hybrid? The specs are the same. Also, in the specs the display resolution is listed at 720 x480 but the diplay frame rate is listed at 120fps CIF. ???
  9. Wolf - Thanks for the heads up on the Nuvico. I was just going to try one out for a job. I know they have had reliability problems with other cams in the past. Maybe I'll try the TBT instead. Lou - The PC police have been alerted. (I though the HS reference was )
  10. you can also do 4 and 9 camera full screen remote view with Aver.
  11. Comments would be appreciated from anyone who has experience with both of these units. I am particularly interested in recording quality. Thanks.
  12. VJD

    8.11 main system software does not install

    Card and software. GV800 and I think ver 7.02. Asus P4800SE 865PE chipset P4 3GHz 512MB 400MHz DDR NVidia Card (I'll have to check which one)
  13. VJD

    8.11 main system software does not install

    Email me for a solution. Thanks Tomasz, but no luck.
  14. VJD

    8.11 main system software does not install

    I hope this is not the solution. With XP Home Edition the Administrator account is only accessible in safe mode. Has anyone installed 8.1.2 on a XP Home Edition OS?