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  1. Hi, can anyone help me? I am trying to get my Dahua SD22204T-GN-W camera to boot up by updating the firmware via TFTP. I have run the run commands but camera still will not boot up. The U-Boot screen shows the below. Can anyone tell me how to fix the fail to load bootargs part. Thanks U-Boot 2010.06-svn5163 (Jan 16 2018 - 05:03:02) I2C: ready DRAM: 110 MiB gBootLogPtr:00b80008. NAND: 128 MiB amb_nand_read_oob read page:49152 err partition file version 2 rootfstype squashfs root /dev/mtdblock8 fail to load bootargsParametersV22.txt fail to load bootargsParametersV21.txt fail to init bootargsParametersV2 TEXT_BASE:01000000 Net: Detected MACID:14:a7:8b:15:8c:23 PHY:0x001cc816,addr:0x00 phy RTL8201 init partition file version 2 rootfstype squashfs root /dev/mtdblock8 MMC: sdmmc init Hit any key to stop autoboot: 0
  2. fred0503

    Horizontal Line Through Middle Of Image

    Hi, thanks for replying. My thoughts were power supply. I have tried 3 different 12v 2a power supplies but same problem every time. The length of cable is 30m, Annke brand. I have ordered a 12v 4a PSU to try.
  3. Hi, can anyone help me with this problem i have? In the image i have attached there is a faint horizontal static line going through the image. I have changed the BNC cable but that did not fix this issue. The camera is a Dahua HAC-HDBW2221RP-Z. This camera has a motorised zoom and when i use the zoom, the camera seems to turn off and back on. Not sure if these both issues are linked. Any help to solve this issue would be greatly appreciated.