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  1. Its a censorship conspiracy
  2. You and your bans. Relax, its not about being racist. The chinese have been installing backdoors in their cameras for years. Why would you not think the russians would. Do you work for Xeoma? You mentioned them out of the blue and now you are all upset because they are being called out for fake reviews and being Russian.
  3. Actually, if you want to be precise, they have been selling blue iris for a few months. Blue iris have been recommended on that site for 5 years before they sold blue iris. Furthermore, when you posted the same question on the site, one of the owners recommended NXwitness to you - they dont sell NX. There goes your conspiracy theory. Why would he do that? There are also subforums there for Milestone, zoneminder, ispy and sighthound. They dont sell any of those. They also sell rebranded hikvision NVR's, yet those were not recommended to you. Again your conspiracy theory fails. Blue iris recommended because its exceptional and low priced. Xeoma is banned because Xeoma has paid and still does pay users to write fake reviews. - this is explained on the site. Note also that Xeoma is Russian - trust them like you trust the Chinese.
  4. Yes I know they are .....but if you need to save and name a snapshot of your staff of workers or family it’s only do what’s entered. Avermedia has had that free on there systems for 15 years. B2c is not a cheap product to pass on to customers I guess this will be snap shot only again because of cost. What about video? You could call the car outdated. It’s been around for over 100 years Email is free. So your going b2c. Does this mean for $360 you have no platform apps ? People like to buy and use cctv. Years ago it was used for security. There is nothing in your software that is not already free in a nvr and there is no coin slot on a nvr to use it Actually, no NVR can do what his software claims to be able to do. Face detection in cameras simply does not work with any degree of accuracy. If you want LPR you need to buy expensive lpr cameras and options for alerts a limited. Home users are salivating at the chance to use some smart AI that doesnt require the cloud and very expensive monthly fees. 360 is reasonable for 8 cameras. You dont need it for every camera you have.