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    How to find out the brand

    You got to be a fool to expose any of their NVR;s to the internet. The n9000 is not any safer. Full of unpatched security holes. Will be even worse when they stop updating firmware in a few months deeming it EOL. Use a vpn.
  2. hd908

    Need a really good hd nightvision cctv cam

    Until it fails like many other huisun/improx bullets. There are known problem cams.
  3. Lol. Love Love Love the fact that I got under your skin for calling you out for being lazy. No effort to perform a basic search. You are no deserving of my advice, now go buy crap, you deserve it. In fact, take all toms advice, you deserve to suffer the consequences. Tom has not answered ONE of your questions. In fact he has no experience with ANY camera with built in PIR. He is a trunk slammer installing basic kits - whatever makes him more money. I belittle lazy people like you. I belittle folks like tom who deliberately post FALSE information.
  4. hd908

    Can NVR be connected to switch?

    Nonsense. The original diagram is just fine. There will be no difference. This is basic networking.
  5. If that is the case you would perform a simple google search on the camera and find real world experiences rather than rely on someone like tom who has never seen this camera and has very limited experience with the various available models other than what he reads about online.
  6. So you claim you are not shilling for a discount but yet you feel the need to post again after you were told not to and your other thread locked. It doesnt look good for xeoma. You are concerned about security but use a Russian vms lol. You are right, we should look at your prior posts. From the xeoma website - none of their reviews can ever be trusted. Write a unique article about video surveillance for our blog and get a Xeoma 4-cameras license** in reward! Write a permanent article about Xeoma, post it in your blog and get your reward: 8 cameras license for Xeoma webcam software or renewal of 16 cameras license* for free! Create a review video of Xeoma: upload your video to YouTube and get a Xeoma 8-cameras license* in reward!
  7. I dont understand, OP wants misinformation? TomCCTV posted misinformation about this camera not being suitable for outdoors, despite its ip66 rating. He has yet to correct his post which tells me it was deliberate.
  8. You would be wrong. DW is rebranded Network Optix NXwitness. Its exceptional. Its not china crap. Its significantly cheaper in the short and long term than avigilon.
  9. You and your bans. Relax, its not about being racist. The chinese have been installing backdoors in their cameras for years. Why would you not think the russians would. Do you work for Xeoma? You mentioned them out of the blue and now you are all upset because they are being called out for fake reviews and being Russian.
  10. Actually, if you want to be precise, they have been selling blue iris for a few months. Blue iris have been recommended on that site for 5 years before they sold blue iris. Furthermore, when you posted the same question on the site, one of the owners recommended NXwitness to you - they dont sell NX. There goes your conspiracy theory. Why would he do that? There are also subforums there for Milestone, zoneminder, ispy and sighthound. They dont sell any of those. They also sell rebranded hikvision NVR's, yet those were not recommended to you. Again your conspiracy theory fails. Blue iris recommended because its exceptional and low priced. Xeoma is banned because Xeoma has paid and still does pay users to write fake reviews. - this is explained on the site. Note also that Xeoma is Russian - trust them like you trust the Chinese.
  11. Yes I know they are .....but if you need to save and name a snapshot of your staff of workers or family it’s only do what’s entered. Avermedia has had that free on there systems for 15 years. B2c is not a cheap product to pass on to customers I guess this will be snap shot only again because of cost. What about video? You could call the car outdated. It’s been around for over 100 years Email is free. So your going b2c. Does this mean for $360 you have no platform apps ? People like to buy and use cctv. Years ago it was used for security. There is nothing in your software that is not already free in a nvr and there is no coin slot on a nvr to use it Actually, no NVR can do what his software claims to be able to do. Face detection in cameras simply does not work with any degree of accuracy. If you want LPR you need to buy expensive lpr cameras and options for alerts a limited. Home users are salivating at the chance to use some smart AI that doesnt require the cloud and very expensive monthly fees. 360 is reasonable for 8 cameras. You dont need it for every camera you have.