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  1. Switches usually don't have any type of NAT so I doubt it. Did you try disabling the windows firewall ?
  2. That's the problem. You need to figure out why that port is not open.
  3. If you still can't get it to work, I can connect to your computer using teamviewer and I'll set it up for you for free. It shouldn't take more than 10 minutes. I use Milestone Essentials myself. Contact me by PMs if you want the help. Good luck.
  4. What he is saying is that yes the admin account will get locked out, but if you created another user called User15, that account will still work. Then if I know someone's P2P SN or port forwarding ipaddress.. I can log in with "admin" name using any password and he would be locked for 30 minutes enough to effectively disable his security and remote monitoring. So if the robbers know your unit serial number (P2P) or ip, then you are vulnerable. Dont you agree? Is there no way around this? This defeats the purpose of remote monitoring.
  5. Interesting. What would be the difference between supported and unsupported camera models ?
  6. I believe you get more specific options if the camera is fully supported. Less options if it's using ONVIF.
  7. Wow ! You run all those cameras on a NUC ? I'm impressed.
  8. I've been running it for the last 3 weeks. No issues. I do like some of the cosmetic changes they made.
  9. Isn't that switch loud ? I can't image putting a switch with fans where I watch TV.
  10. ilkevinli

    Dahua firmware

    Nice review. Thanks. I'm just trying this out actually... finally had some quiet time to tinker with my PAL version of the 4300S. After flashing, the firmware reports itself as: Software Version: 2.420.0000.0.R, build : 2014-04-19 WEB Version: ONVIF Version: 2.4.1 So that's up from the other one which said: Software Version 2.400.0000.0.R, build : 2013-12-31 WEB Version ONVIF Version 2.3 I haven't noticed a whole lot of differences in the GUI. Comparing the backup files before and after, I see that for the most part they actually *removed* some stuff that didn't really belong in a bullet camera. Things like PTZ preset stuff, and a few alarm related things. In the video settings, there are some minor interface changes to the new 2.4 day/night settings. I think they're making it clearer that the new "sensitivity" and "delay" settings are specifically for the day/night sensitivity and delay (those 2 settings are prefixed with the text "D&N" now, and delay is a drop-down box, not a slider). There are some other slight rearranging of things on that screen, nothing too drastic (mirror and flip moving above the 3D NR settings for example). One big thing I see is that the new "Interest Area" tab in the video settings is missing... I don't know if it moved somewhere else or if it's just gone from the UI, but I can clearly see that the interest area I created previously is still in effect. So the feature itself still works, you just can't adjust it. Peculiar. I can see in the page source where that tab *should* be, but the tab itself doesn't show up. Maybe they ran into some feedback about problems with it, so they're hiding it for now but the functionality is still in place apparently. So if you like that feature, you're better off giving this version a pass... but who knows what other kinds of under-the-hood fixes are present. What else... ONVIF authentication settings moved to a sub-tab of Connections, and that's probably a better place than it's own "Access Platform" screen. That's about all I could tell from just poking around... like I said, probably some other fixes and stuff, but the big things were the removal of the "Interest Area" settings itself, and just general re-arranging of a few screens, minor layout changes.
  11. Before I started using Xprotect, I used Geovision like yourself. XProtect is miles better than Geovision. Don't get me wrong, I didn't have any issues with Geovision, I just felt the interface was dated and the feature set was lacking. I would highly recommend you try Xprotect and you'll see how much better it is. Good luck. How does the 64bit version of Xprotect compare to the latest Geovision NVR version? I've been using Geovision for over 10 years but I'm getting really sick of the lack of basic OS functionality from within the software. Geovision still has the old wonky interface from 10 years ago and it is in such a dire need of updating it's almost unbelievable how it has existed for this long. Does Xprotect blow Geo out of the water in most respects, or is Geo still worth the hassle? Thinking about installing Xprotect and taking it for a spin soon.
  12. I use the Essentials version and love it. It has a LOT of features, and it's one of the only software that supports HTTPS.
  13. ilkevinli

    Dahua firmware

    Doesn't work in Milestone Xprotect either.
  14. ilkevinli

    Dahua firmware

    Your guess is as good as mine. Thanks ilkevinli On my behalf and of others.... Do you know what will happen with newer motion detect areas? Will they be compatible with an NVR 52 series with release 2.610? Or will the NVR just use the old style motion detect? thanks again
  15. ilkevinli

    Dahua firmware

    Here is an updated link to the NTSC firmware.