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  1. Now that I do some more reading, I'm noticing "only hikvision cameras are compatible with TVI DVRs" - There IS support for the HK protocol in the camera, but is it possible that it's just not supported well enough? I noticed that while there are options to configure the camera through the DVR, none of them actually work Do you have a reference for supported IP cameras? Thanks
  2. Hello, The DVR seems to detect it as a Hikvision camera, however it's really a jidetech PD1 PTZ IP cam. It was detected automatically via ONVIF. The stream on the DVR is D1. The stream on the IP camera is the main stream (not sub stream). Is that what you mean? RSTP is port 554. I actually changed the RSTP port on the DVR for security reasons, do these need to match? Thanks
  3. Hi We have a Hikvision TurboHD 1.0 DVR, several TVI cameras and an IP camera In live view the IP camera comes up in the same list of pictures as all the analog cameras But in the app we can't see the IP camera along with the TVI cameras. Is there a way to see them all together in the app like the live view on the DVR? Thanks!
  4. Hi, I work at a restaurant where we use a Hikvision DS-7332HGHI-SH Turbo HD 1.0 with about 28 analog cameras. We have a couple cheap Jidetech P1 1080p PTZ IP cameras which we just started adding as we are interested in the whole video/power/PTZ over one cable convenience, and want to expand beyond the initial 32 analog channels (supports 40 channels total). However, one thing that seems inconvenient is viewing the IP cameras doesn't appear to be possible through the DVR using the IVMS-4500 software like the analog channels (?) The first IP camera we set up worked fine and shows up in our live view 6x6 grid as camera 33 just like the analog cameras, but in the IVMS software it's nowhere to be found - the list of cameras stops at 32. Is this normal behavior? Is there any way to make the DVR display the IP cameras through the IVMS software just like the analog cameras? We have a handful of people who use the app quite a bit and it's going to be a hassle to have to switch to and from different devices in the app rather than just have all the cameras on the DVR in one place. If anyone knows how to make the IP cameras behave like the analog cameras in IVMS I would love to hear it. Thanks!