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    Is this the best CCTV forum?

    Great layout, good people, great advice... I'd say it's the best CCTV Forum I've found yet. Plus if we all found better I'm sure this place would be a ghost town!
  2. If you're using a dvr with an unsigned active x codec you'll need to go into. Open IE8 > Tools > Internet Options > Security (Tab) > Custom Level and set "Unsigned ActiveX Controls" to "Prompt". What that will do is allow your PC to install the controls without giving you any headaches. Also in IE try not typing in the port number and just doing the IP and let us know what your results are please.
  3. Smit9352

    IR Cameras With Built In Illuminator Help

    If I had to take just a guess first I would want to know if both cameras are brand new and purchased from the same place? I'm going to go out on a limb and assume they aren't as of right now because one looks as if it's working with the IR's somewhat vs the lower one not functioning well at all. When the camera had the original lens in it did it still do the spotlight effect or was it a more spread out beam? Changing the lens shouldn't alter the IR spread unless you removed the sunshade/cover or if you possibly bent some of the IR's inward.
  4. Smit9352

    Advertiserment on CCTV Forum

    We purchase forum advertisement and personally I think it's great for our company as well as helping the forum cover whatever cost it make incur.
  5. Smit9352

    view from home! (internet)

    Well for external viewing off site it's quite simple depending upon what type of internet connection you have and if you have a static/dynamic IP (does it change when you drop internet or just sometimes change). If you know if you have a router or not that'll be about all you need... OH, and a cat-5 cable going from the dvr to the router. Once you got those let us know.
  6. Smit9352

    Camera not working at night

    Best thing you could do is check your BNC connection or if it's RCA check it. The best way to test if the camera is getting power is cup your hands over the cover or bring the camera into a dark room, do you see the IR's light up? If yes then the camera is getting power if not then it isn't getting power and will need to be checked. Thanks and good luck! John
  7. I located you a tech and I'll pm you the information.
  8. Good video and explanation or what's going on (if others are unsure). We have some new cameras with "anti cobweb" technology but I'm waiting to see it work! Thanks, John
  9. Smit9352

    DVR maintenance

    ^^ What he said ^^ Best thing to do in my opinion tho is really just make sure the customer checks on the dvr 1-2 times a month. Just reboot it and make sure the playback footage is there and it's recording, really shouldn't be much more you'll have to do. That's my $0.02 tho.
  10. Smit9352

    Newbie in CCTV World...

    The first rule of the CCTV Forums - Never Trust RickA The second rule of the CCTV Forums - Never trust anyone who says don't trust RickA. By the way, welcome to the forums and I hope you find your stay quite enjoyable.
  11. Smit9352

    cheapest of the cheap...

    If you're looking for really good pricing you can look on our site at our auction section. Some of those cameras go for like... 20-40 bucks and there new 60+ dollar cameras. Just gotta be quick like ebay Also are you looking to record or something you can just switch to that Imput on your system and view the camera?
  12. http://tinyurl.com/na8aht There's a couple things we have that we sell linked above. They work well and that's the powered one, if you search "splitter" on our site you can see the other two we have. If you need those just give us a call at the office and tell them you seen them on the website, they'll give you a discount! Thanks, John
  13. Also there should be a small grommet or spacer of some sort around the lens to block the IR's from the lens viewing them. That would be your best bet other than putting the IR's on the outside of the dome or disabling them all together. Goodluck, J
  14. Difficult? haha you'd rather make it darn near impossible without causing a scene! Hopefully you can accomplish this. What cameras did you end up going with tho?
  15. This sounds like the best bet in my opinion. I'd strongly consider running conduit outside because some people would just assume it was plumbing or something of that sort.... but the above is a very good recommendation. Thanks, John
  16. Smit9352

    Camera Help for Varifocal Auto Iris

    I've used a couple of the box style cameras with lenses already attached and have had them use Pelco-P protocol and be zoomed remotely. One of ours that does it is the 210Z4 and it's a box. Theere a few bullets now that can do it but I haven't done those personally yet so I'm unsure as to how well the communication does work. Thanks, John
  17. Or if you want to post a picture of the dvr I'm sure someone here will know what model it is and have access to the software somewhere around here!
  18. Smit9352

    PATA vs SATA

    Hey!!!!!! That's the one I carry!!!!! Minus what looks like bent pins on that one Haha, It works well with all of our dvr's I've tested up to a 1TB drive so far and nothing but good results. Good luck finding what you need, John
  19. I skimmed most of this thread but I did notice this part and it stuck out to me. On this note I would've been on the scout for another job. Good luck and if all else fails, you can do like Scorpion did and find a tall street and some rope... start hanging em slowly but surely. Thanks, John
  20. Smit9352

    economic crisis

    Our company does sales/support but not directly an installer. A lot of companies we deal with have said they are affected because many customers of theirs do not have the sufficient funds coming in to purchase a security system. This is simply my take on it and I have talked to about 5-10 of our customers and this is the reply that I've been given. Thanks, John
  21. Do you know what type of dvr this file was extracted from? I could probably help you with the viewing of it but I would definitely need the file to see if any of my some 20 odd different players would play it. So if you would like to upload the file to a site or if you would like to email me it (10mb or less) I could do it either way. Thanks, John
  22. Smit9352

    vivotek 6112

    Yep, they work quite well in my opinion. The only ddns I typically use is DynDns or EzDdns. Those two I have had good results from usually. Thanks, John
  23. Correct, but I'm not sure if he's trying to run just one cable and get the audio/video or if he's willing to setup that cable for the audio. Either way he should be able to obtain the audio. Thanks, John
  24. That's when sending directly back to them. With us it's you send it in if it's defective we swap it out and the turnaround time is typically however long it takes for it to arrive via shipping as we do all rma's (returns) same day they come in. Goodluck, John
  25. Just upload the file elsewhere and then provide us with the link. I'd love to see that! Thanks, John