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  1. Hi Tom For sure no ANPR - well i am 99% sure as we had a logistics warehouse. ANPR was not needed for our work. Thank you for your help
  2. Hi Tom Managed to find the following from your advice https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/742570-REG/AverMedia_NSA6832R0_NSA6832R0_Rack_Hybrid_Windows.html and/or https://www.worldeyecam.com/pdf/NSA6832R0.pdf Could i advertise the unit i have based on those specs? Problem is i cannot find absolutely anything that has Invidia on the front - I am clueless as to what benefits it adds to this DVR! Thanks again
  3. Hi Tom The Hikvision is already sold, only had 3 cameras that we managed to salvage in time. Could you suggest a price on here and any takers could message me directly I guess? You seem like a top bloke who knows what he is talking about so im sure you can suggest a very fair price. Please consider at moment doesnt have any wires with it Thank you so much
  4. Hi Tom Thank you so much for this info. We have boxes and boxes of wires left over, so for now this doesnt have any leads. Yes i am UK based, in North London / Elstree area. Would you have use for this or know anyone who would need it (For a small fee that both parties agree too) Thanks
  5. Hello Everybody, a newbie here. We have recently closed down a warehouse of ours and I am lunbered with the task of selling the old CCTV system setup. There is one box here that I cannot find ANYWHERE on the web, its called Invidia-S - Serial Number IS1601004. Of course on Monday i will try to call the company who installed it and ask them - But i am an impatient bugger. It is the Box on the bottom, the red one. Was wondering if any CCTV mavericks here could identify from the pictures this piece of hardware. Thanks so much - Hope to hear from anyone soon! Ciao Luca