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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone. Noob here?… and also new to the forum, so I Apologize if I created this topic in the wrong place. I need help figuring out a system that fits our needs. I’m helping/volunteering to install a cctv camera system in our church. The place has two assembly halls with an Audio/Video team in both sides. We want to install one security system for the entire building and have it controlled/viewed by both A\V teams separately. I know That there is the option to hook up two monitors but I’m assuming that it would just Mirror on both sides?So if one side zooms into a camera, the other side will see that too. We want each side to have their own separate control of the system. Is that even possible? Or can there only be one side controlling the cameras and the other side just have the mirrored display? if this is possible, is there specific systems we should be looking at? For example IP cameras? Thanks!
  2. Charlie26

    NVR stolen, please help

    I recently purchased ANRAN CCTV Camera System Wireless WiFi IP Smart Outdoor Home Security 5MP HD NVR. My house was broken into and the NVR was stolen. They didn't steal the camera's. Is there a way I can still operate the camera's and record directly to a cloud without an NVR? Or do I have to buy another NVR?
  3. beCam is an AI powered camera able to detect and track almost everything. Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, you can use beCam for security, monitoring or even entertainment purposes. Soon you will be able to pre-order at a lower price via Kickstarter. Click "follow" after following the link below and be notified upon launch. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/becam/becam-ai-powered-multifunctional-portable-camera
  4. Hey everyone, I'm Naveen from Magtech security systems (P) Ltd. We are one of the top security systems company in India. We supply X-ray baggage scanner, Door frame metal detector, Boom barrier, Flap barrier etc. Currently we planning expand our business more so we are looking for dealers to supply our products in various parts of the country. Please visit our website and get to know about us in detail:https://magtech.in Thanks
  5. AI Deep Learning, 5G, IoT, and Radar makes our life different, but do you know how it works? How will the combination of these leading-edge technologies boost the security? Just join us and explore together! - About Us - Milesight is a fast-growing AIoT solution provider committed to offering the value-added services and cutting-edge technologies about video surveillance solution. - Autumn 2021 Milesight Product Launch - Smarter, Securer, More Connected Online Event - Oct.-Nov. 2021 - Meet surprise - Join us and you will enjoy the special offer of the sample testing of Milesight latest AI Plus Series Camera. Click here and get more in details: https://www.milesight.com/promotion/product-launch-autumn-2021
  6. Hello everyone, I am looking to purchase working second hand ANPR Cameras (Model: NDI-RS C320) complete with the camera, cable and breakout box. I was wondering if anyone has contacts that sell used ANPR Cameras or just security equipment in general? Any contacts would be appreciated even if you are uncertain whether they sell this model (google is just really coming up blank currently!) Thank you
  7. Premium .Com CCTV Domains for Sale Please visit http://noframes.com/cctvdomains.htm for details, or email rick@rixsite.com (as offers will be considered). Thanks! #CCTV #domains #security #camera #DVR #sale #domainsforsale #domainnames #domainsales 1232c.com 1232see.com 123tosee.com a1dvr.com automationcam.com bannerwebcams.com cctvme.com cctvoem.com cctvpal.com eptz.com ethernetcam.com expectperformance.com expectperformance.net goptz.com ipptz.com krcctv.com netcctv.com netcctv.net netptz.com netvideosolutions.com primacctv.com processcam.com securitysight.com wificctv.com wificctv.net
  8. Hello Everybody, a newbie here. We have recently closed down a warehouse of ours and I am lunbered with the task of selling the old CCTV system setup. There is one box here that I cannot find ANYWHERE on the web, its called Invidia-S - Serial Number IS1601004. Of course on Monday i will try to call the company who installed it and ask them - But i am an impatient bugger. It is the Box on the bottom, the red one. Was wondering if any CCTV mavericks here could identify from the pictures this piece of hardware. Thanks so much - Hope to hear from anyone soon! Ciao Luca