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  1. Hello all. My name is Alex. I had a few quick questions about networking two buildings as it relates to security cameras. I've been tasked with the networking and all IT/computer/security related details of our additional fire station with our current station. The new station sits close to 100 feet away from our current one. We've ran PVC pipe between the buildings to run cables, shielded CAT6. The current station will host the modem, a wireless router and a switch (Linksys LGS124P POE). From that switch, the CAT6 will run through the PVC to the second switch in the new building. This new building will have (2) UniFi AC PRO WAP's. Here's where I get a little lost. The new station will also have a NVR Surveillance System with IP Cameras. After reading through the user manual of the NVR, it says in order for remote viewing, the NVR must be directly connected to a router. I guess my question is, Do I have to run another CAT6 cable from the router in the current station to the NVR in the new station, or can you just add a router to the switch in the new station? I'm very unfamiliar with networking multiple routers and switches. I've attached a very basic diagram of what I'm trying to talk about! lol