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  1. Ahamed

    Smart pss showing offline(timeout)

    check your PC Admin rights and your firware settings. and check out your router's configuration as well. if your connecting through DNS. double check on the stability of IP address update.
  2. Ahamed

    Dahua Hdd S.M.A.R.T info

    go ahead with count of read error rate.
  3. Ahamed

    Need to change admin password

    to change admin password you have to contact your local Hikvision suport team with your S/N. if its a camera you can try to hard reset.
  4. did you try to remove the device and add again. also try to create a new admin user and try to add it.
  5. Ahamed

    Disk error on DVR

    ofcourse it might be the disk faulty. because all the hard disk are having its own life time and you may re-use the error hard disks may be 2/3 times but it wont be last long. by the way whats the model of your hdd
  6. Ahamed

    Reset Password DVDR Hikvision

    can you please explain more about your problem that what the problemm your facing
  7. Hi Techs, I am expecting a proper solution with reason for the below error which i am facing now. we have PRONAS storage with attached JBOD to ACTi NVR CCTV System. suddenly we face an issue that NAS got hanged up and stopped recording so we had to restart to ensure it will be back to normal but unfortunately its back with default settings with default IP and its doesn't show up the drives such as Volume groups and RAID. Please advice on this how to solve this and what is the cause of this error.