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  1. Hi New to this forum Really stuck in the setup of these two devices - its almost breaking my heart (just before the holidays) I just cannot figure out how to connect the VTO2000 to the VTH2201 (it did work but it just stop) The app on the mobile is working correctly - when you press the button on the Door station VTO2000 my mobile rings but not the VTH Has it to do with SIP connection. The company who put this unit wants nothing with it now so no support. I deal in network and phone systems in this premises I have attached images of my setup I would really appreciate any guidance or help Michael
  2. Thanks I will give it a go again no problem in setting sip on the ns700
  3. Hi I need some help with connecting a Dahuna Door Station to a Panasonic NS700 with Sip extension setup. Not really sure on the correct model video door station but its using the Web Service2,0 to log onto it. Software version of the outdoor station is V4.3. There is no indoor video display customer receives the video on their mobile. I am not really sure how you connect the Door station to the NS700 but the system has the necessary licences for sip setup. I didn't install the video door station but I am left to set it up on the pbx. Could somebody point me in the correct direction on this install please