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Dahua VTO2000A and VTH2201

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Hi New to this forum

Really stuck in the setup of these two devices  - its almost breaking my heart (just before the holidays)

I just cannot figure out how to connect the VTO2000 to the VTH2201 (it did work but it just stop)

The app on the mobile is working correctly - when you press the button on the Door station VTO2000 my mobile rings but not the VTH

Has it to do with SIP connection. The company who put this unit wants nothing with it now so no support. I deal in network and phone systems in this premises  

I have attached images of my setup I would really appreciate any guidance or help



VTO 3.jpg

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make sure the VTO and VTH is syncing, you'll be able to tell by checking the right hand side top corner, the imge of a VTO with out/with an X mark will tell you if is not connected, if is not connected most likely the password needs to be added with in the VTO portion of the VTH

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