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  1. As I can not find an option to delete my account myself ... please delete it.
  2. Hi, I am not sure if I missed it. But does anybody know what's the process for flashing via TFTP? I bought a DH-IPC-HDW4631C-A labeled IP cam. It did work, but I thought a firmware upgrade would be nice. I downloaded from Dahua and installed via web interface. Name of the bin was: "DH_IPC-HX5X3X-Rhea_Eng_P_Stream3_V2.622.0000000.18.R.20171110.bin" I can't reach the cam via web interface, nor ssh or telnet. I can ping it with my old IP address, but just sometimes. When I give power to the cam it boots and after a couple of seconds I can ping it for maybe 1 minute. After that its gone. But I can repeat this process by unplugging it and plug it back in. I hoped it would load a new firmware in this state via tftp. But I didn't find the post where it is explained how. I'd also need suggestions on what firmware I should install now, after the one from the Dahua website didn't work, obviously. Does it make a difference if I install PAL or NTSC? I am from Europe, so I thought PAL makes sense. But I realy don't know why there is this difference in the firmware and if there are hardware related dependencies or if its more by choice. Would be really happy if someone can help. Thanks.