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  1. Is someone else have issues with notifications with th new update of dmss? I bound the device to account and when i disable the notifications on ME section on dmss i still get notifications.
  2. Hi i install one model AI HFW3541E-SA with sd micro card and i want to get notification through the gdmss. When i enable smatplan and go to ivs i set intrusion and if i uncheck the snapshot then i dont get the notifications on gdmss. Only when is click snapshot i get the messages? Why is that? I set the prompt type on gdmss on video but always get the snapshot when it is enable. If i unchecked the snapshot then i dont get it.
  3. Opeth

    Waves on monitor

    This is a power issue?
  4. What is your suggestion... Using video power balun with rj45 or using passive balun with power connector?
  5. Using ferrules at the end for the passive balun so the wire don't gettin lose or cut is a good idea?
  6. Opeth

    Waves on monitor

    Tom i checked the playback and at night still have waves on the picture but during the day is not
  7. Opeth

    4k over coax

    But the contuctor is cupper the braid is cca. I dont think is too big deal
  8. Opeth

    4k over coax

    No i will not go too much distance. I care only for the quality of the video. You can see the specs of my cable that i had up.
  9. Opeth

    Waves on monitor

    Ok larnaca is free area. Im living in Limassol. Want to inform me about the store when open. I would like to see your items
  10. Opeth

    Waves on monitor

    Wow. North Cyprus is occupied by Turkey. How about the baluns? Can you tell me a good quality video power balun to change them? Maybe are them the problem
  11. Opeth

    Waves on monitor

    Can you explain why when i change some of them from pal to ntsc all shows perfectly clear? Without any ground loop isolators?
  12. Opeth

    Waves on monitor

    Where you will open an outlet here? Which town and when?
  13. Opeth

    Waves on monitor

    Yes i know that in my country is pal . My dvr is running pal but why some cameras in format pal has waves in it and wgen i change it to ntsc shows perfectly clear? Is anything else go wrong with my installation?
  14. Opeth

    Waves on monitor

    From 12 cameras 5 have these waves. The only solution i found is that i change the format from pal to ntsc. This stopped the waves but i dont know why. Can anyobe explain this?