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  1. Hello i have to decide what cameras analog have to install . The options is dahua 4mp non statlight with motr. Lens 2.5-12mm or a 2mp starlight with same lens? Starlight is worth it?
  2. Hi what is the requirment for choosing between those two cables cat6 23 or 24 awg? Is it how long it will be? We are talking about cctv system analog cameras
  3. So i need 0.3 amp for 3 cameras that goes 1 amp approx. And 1.25 amp for the motorized camera. So if i get 4 way box 5amp. my 4th camera should be ok? Because im 5 amp / 4 way is at the limit of my 4th camera amp.
  4. So you recommeded not use splitter but the box? Is it ok to have more amper to each channel that the camera needs?
  5. Hello everyone. Im new to the business and i would like to ask some things to know. Im planning to install a cctv system to my house. 4 cameras. 3 with 3.1w = 0.3 amp each and one 12.1 w= 1.2 amp. My question is if i use a power supply 12vdc 5amp would be ok? And how the splitter works on amp. It will be power supply 5 amp / 4 outways spillter = 1.25amp?? Let me know guys