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  1. elproducto

    UTP Termination

    Thanks. So data jacks at both end.
  2. elproducto

    UTP Termination

    I have a general questions. What are some of the best practice for terminating UTP cables on the camera end and the DVR. Usually I would just run UTP between DVR and Camera and put on RJ45 plugs at each end with passive balun. I was thinking to improve my UTP cable runs by terminating connection on a patch panel on the DVR and and setting up RJ45 jacks at the camera ends. Is this too much to do? Maybe just do the patch panel on the DVR end and leave the camera with RJ45 plug on the camera end.
  3. elproducto

    Truon IP Camera

    I am looking to purchase IP Troun NIB-B1022F camera to upgrade an existing install where CAT 6 was with passive baluns. The camera is cheaply priced with a 1 year warranty, and this is why I am questioning the quality of this camera. Comparable cameras with a better warranty is going for more $$. I did a search and could not find any reviews for this camera or the camera manufacturer. Does anyone have any familiarity with this company. Specifications Model NIB-B1022F 720p HD Real-Time Video (1280×720@30fps) • 1.4” CMOS • ONVIF • 3.6mm HD Fixed Lens • 12 IR LED • H.264 • MJPEG / UPNP • Power over Ethernet (PoE) 802.3af • True Day & Night (ICR) • DC 12V
  4. elproducto

    Quality Standalone versus PC Based

    I have walked into the physical store here in New York. They are right off the A train and they have a lot of equipment on site. They have like 100 cameras setup on top of the store you can watch from within the store. My only complaint is pricing and the fact that they are on Canal street scam central. Different price for all but if you can haggle you probably can get them to meet your terms.
  5. I have a Nuvico CD-S3895N-B that I mounted and took down because I found out this camera would not work for my application. My lose your gain. I am looking for $150 I can be reached anytime at 2152537647. Thanks
  6. elproducto


    I have two Vivotek IP7131 Cameras for $160 each, I only used them for two weeks. Finally I also have the POE injectors that work with these camera they are going for $40 each. PM if interested or call me at 2152537647
  7. Thanks for the suggestion I am going to reset all the camera to default and check all setting. I noticed the pics I posted earlier are from when I used remote desktop to the DVR, this might attribute for the artifacts. I am including some new pics of when I am logged into the DVR, this will also show the night time quality. The quad picture is of what I is see after the DVR process' the video. The two pictures titled mt2 and mt3 is the actual live feed without the DVR process.
  8. elproducto

    mac support! Dang that ActiveX!

    Google ies4osx
  9. I am a newbie to security systems. I recently installed a 4 camera setup. I used an Integral DS XPRESS DVR. It was a previous system. The last DVR setup I used was a NV3000 for a client that just needed a DVR, I was very happy with the results. The new client is not to happy with the picture quality of the Integral setup. They thought at first it was black and white, the next complaint was that it was to dark and unclear what they are looking at usually more at night time. I was wondering if it was the camera or maybe the cheapo TV they have. I have Bosch Flexidome XF cameras with 520 TV Lines, 0.16 (F1.0, 30 IRE) LUX. I am leaning toward the DVR being the culprit of the diminished quality because the DVR card that is in the system support 20 FPS, so each camera is getting 5 FPS. What would you recommend I change to get better quality. It is also a dimly lit place. have include an attachment of the picture quality I am getting.
  10. My job replaced all their camera recently and I inherited 4 Bosch VDC-445V03-20 (FLEXIDOME XT). One of the camera is missing the female BNC connector on the end. I would like to find out if the connector is an easy thing to repair?
  11. elproducto

    Small Install Advise

    Thanks, but I wanted to stick to PC DVR. The option for upgrade is very appealing.
  12. I have browsed through every thread in this forum, and still have some question. A friend of mine took over ownership of a business and was left with 4 cameras an no DVR. I am leaning toward getting the GV-250 or AverDigi NV3000 and building a system around whatever we choose, as he does not want to spend to much. I know everyone states that the stuff on eBay is usually bogus but I see a both of them on ebay. Is there anyway to find out if they are fake or real. I asked the seller of the GV-250 what version of software is bundled with it, I am figuring if it come with 6.5 then it would probably be a fake. I know posting links to eBay is against the rules but unsure if posting the auction number is against the rules but it is 110230195327. Also the AverDigi NV3000 from a local vendor selling on ebay Brooklyn Electronic. Has anyone dealt with them in the past. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks