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  1. HI, guys, At the beginning of 2010, it's the hot-time for kinds of shows, ISC West, SecuTech, Essen, IFSEC and so on, one by one. So, which show do you want to join? Which show is worth to join? Essen? You may list the show you plan to join and its advantage? Let's compare which is worth for us to join? This year , we will join 3 shows(another 2 Essen or Russia is unsure) ISC West China Sourcing Fair(Hong Kong) SecuTech(Taipei)
  2. dylan2008


    As the manufacturer, I join the CPSE Shenzhen 2009, but in my opinion, we didn't see lots proper customers. Until now, we cooperate with a few customers from this show. Most of them just seem to look around.
  3. dylan2008

    ISC West

    My manager will go to join it, but I can't
  4. dylan2008

    trying to catch an employee

    now do you adapt which way to solve the problem? The illuminator B/W camera, IR camera with 950nm or above, or motion detector lights? Or other ways?
  5. dylan2008

    Hello From Ontario, Canada.

    welcome to CCTV Forum! This is a good place.
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    hi- i am shammi from INDIA

    welcome Shammi. India is a good place, and I want to travel there in the future.
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    Cameras in billboards gather data

    www.scorpion-group.co.uk Scorpion, it's your web? There is also one 蝎子scorpion in the website?
  8. dylan2008

    A newbie from central Pennsylvania

    Welcome to the forum If u need help, please contact me, I'm in China.
  9. dylan2008

    Hi everyone--Starting out here in Palm Beach, FL

    Welcome, secure101. Scorpion, i'm so anxious about your job, what do u do? U seem to be familiar with many things. Can u tell me?
  10. Welcome,fuskis, the experienced technican from Sweden. Hope to see u in the forum and talk with u about some technical problems. Welcome
  11. dylan2008

    new member from sydney

    liveeyevideo Welcome to our team. When the manufacturer doesnt know this is where i come -----I'm the manufacturer of CCTV cameras.
  12. dylan2008

    the way to solve the losing natural color

    Post subject: the way to fix it is to buy a True Day Night Camera, those will have a Mechanical IR Cut Filter. rory, some manufaturer uses two lenses, and some uses two CCD to solve this problem, so how do i choose the camera?
  13. Hi, everyone while you use the IR camera, do u find the picture would lose the natural color in the day? Do u look for some ways to solve it? Do u used the two filters camera, the two lenses camera or the two CCD camera, which one is better?
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    Dylan's introduction

    Thanks scorpion and kenplace!Wish to see you in the forum.
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    welcome to the forum. I'm the newer in the field. Hope to see you in the forum