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  1. casi

    [GV-NET I/O] and alarm recording

    I think I have fixed it! I post my solution here for anyone who could need the same working way. With reference to the diagram attached I have set I/O device as follows: Input 1: Type: N/O Video Recording enabled (5sec) [All cameras] Output module: 1, Pin: 1, delay: 5 sec Input 4: Type: N/O Output module:1, Pin: 4 Output 1: Type: N/O pulse 5sec Output 4: Type: N/C pulse 10sec. In the diagram "Start" button means the alarm system output relay. So when the alarm system is triggered it closes the Start button and Geovision system starts alarm recording (I/O monitor must be enabled manually or by schedule). Output 1 and 4 are used to keep the recording mode in a loop state so that the recording time has no limitation. To stop recording, will be enough to push "Stop" button that cuts the loop and the system will stop recording after few seconds.
  2. I have a Geovision system with GV-1480 (16) and a GV-NET I/O cards installed. The final user would like to perform alarm recording linked to an alarm system. So the DVR system should record for all the time (not just few seconds) the alarm system is sounding after it has been triggered by one sensor. Once the owner will shout the alarm system, the DVR must stop recording as well. Is there any way to program such a kind of feature? On Configuration -> I/O device I can find only "Video Rec" from 5 to 900 seconds. How can I link it to the status of the GV-NET I/O input? thx in advance!
  3. I know each installation is different from another, but honestly speaking I know very few about balanced UTP transmission. Maybe your experience could be helpful. For example 50cm distance within concrete could be enough? If so I can try to use the existing conduits, otherwise I have to find other cable paths. Anyway I agree, I will cross all hand and feet fingers!
  4. I'm going to make an offer to surveillance an big power station with solar cells. The project will be done with some Speed dome cameras. My problem is about video cable running for the farthest: its distance from control room is around 300 meters. It would be positioned in one corner of the field and video/data cables will run together with output high voltage line -380Vac- in 2 different sheaths but in the same excavation. Unfortunately the company (who did everything but CCTV) is not a security specialist, they forecast only the CCTV system but they didn't care about these matters. Since I would like to avoid noises on images, I'm much more oriented to use baluns for video instead of coax. The buyer does not want to spend money for fiber optics. Has anyone any experience about similar situations? Is it true that UTP cabling is much more protected against electrical fields? Any useful suggestions? thx in advance!
  5. casi

    [GV-1480] and dual VGA card

    Dear all, I have just finished to build up a new DVR system based on GV-1480 (16 ch). Everything seems to work fine except for second VGA output. I have set VGA card to "clone" option so both VGA outputs should display exactly the same pictures. The first out is ok (good picture quality and also Full Screen DirectDraw works fine), the second shows only pink images. I knew similar problems should be solved with upgraded VGA driver, so I have downloaded the latest driver for mobo and VGA card from ASUS website, but nothing changes. This is the hardware configuration: Mother board: Asus P5N-E/SLI CPU: Intel Dual Core 1.8GHz RAM: Kingstone DDR2 /667MHz 1GB VGA: EN7600GS PCIE 512MB HIGH DEF. Silent OS: Windows XP Professional SP2C Can anyone help me?
  6. casi

    [GV-LPR] database

    Thx Andy, I will use an external timer to disable output relay during specific time zone.
  7. casi

    [GV-LPR] database

    Hello guys! This is the first time I post in this forum even if I knew this site since some months ago! Anyway thanks to all of you and all of moderators for helpful discussions. This is my question: I have got some experiences with Geovision products but very few with GV-LPR. Is there any way to set the recognition and gate opening under specific time zone? I.E. plate CE066CB is allowed to enter between 19.00 to 22.00 and so on? thanks in advance