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[GV-NET I/O] and alarm recording

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I have a Geovision system with GV-1480 (16) and a GV-NET I/O cards installed.

The final user would like to perform alarm recording linked to an alarm system.

So the DVR system should record for all the time (not just few seconds) the alarm system is sounding after it has been triggered by one sensor.

Once the owner will shout the alarm system, the DVR must stop recording as well.

Is there any way to program such a kind of feature?

On Configuration -> I/O device I can find only "Video Rec" from 5 to 900 seconds.

How can I link it to the status of the GV-NET I/O input?


thx in advance!

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I think I have fixed it!

I post my solution here for anyone who could need the same working way.

With reference to the diagram attached I have set I/O device as follows:

Input 1:

Type: N/O

Video Recording enabled (5sec) [All cameras]

Output module: 1, Pin: 1, delay: 5 sec


Input 4:

Type: N/O

Output module:1, Pin: 4


Output 1:

Type: N/O pulse 5sec


Output 4:

Type: N/C pulse 10sec.


In the diagram "Start" button means the alarm system output relay.

So when the alarm system is triggered it closes the Start button and Geovision system starts alarm recording (I/O monitor must be enabled manually or by schedule).

Output 1 and 4 are used to keep the recording mode in a loop state so that the recording time has no limitation.

To stop recording, will be enough to push "Stop" button that cuts the loop and the system will stop recording after few seconds.


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On the input, it is a maximum of 900 seconds to record, however this is a rolling 900 seconds.


For instance you could set the input to record for 5 seconds on alarm. If the input was in an alarmed state for 24 hours, the channel would record for 24 hours and 5 seconds.

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You should put an relay on PGM of that alarm system, and you can program the PGM how many sec or min. you whant to be trigered.

sory for my bad English.

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