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  1. Hello tomcctv, That sounds really good. The location is a community hall in our village. We monitor the hall and the entrance to the restrooms. In former times we had some troubble with vandalism in the restrooms. I don´t have a remote view. We only take a view at the dvr console if we have an incident. The mayor of our village asked me to get access to the historical recordings. At the moment we have only the live view. In some technical forums I found the hint (remove battery from motherboard) to reset the time to 01-01-2000. I would be very happy about the code and thank you very much for it. Best regards, udo
  2. Hi, In our village hall we have an I-APOHDRTIO-4BB DVR. I have to administrate this device from now on, but the old administrator didn´t tell me password for login. Two days ago I opened a ticket at QVIS support with no respose. They have deleted the ticket allready. I found several hints to reset the password to default but I don´t have a daytime password for the 01-01-2000. The P/N is: Can someone help me to reset the DVR to factory default including the login? Thanks in advance Udo