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  1. I cannot find a list of error codes for all Hikvision equipment . they exist so why cant we use them, I have found some relating to nvr's but nothing else . They can at least point you in the right direction and save time although they may not accurate.
  2. Extract from " Forum Posting Guidelines" Have fun. Be Polite. Be Respectful. Be Professional. Use Common Sense. Don't Break the Law. You guys behavior is disgraceful , if you have personal grievances please arrange to meet at a car park and sort it out , I find that both of you are abusing this forum, I'm disgusted , I have to say I have never seen behavior like this since I joined in 2009. I'm sure most people are not interested in your squabble , at best its amusing , sad but amusing.
  3. Just wondering if anyone has experience with integrating pos transactions with Hikvision ip cameras, I have a few clients who would be interested.
  4. Assortment of Geovision dvr cards and other cctv equipment : Location Nederland GV1240A 16 ports used 350 euro GV1120B 16 ports used 350 euro GV1240 16 ports used 350 euro GV650 16 ports used 50 euro GV650 12 ports used 75 euro GV650 12 ports used 75 euro GV650 8 ports used 50 euro GV600 8 ports used 25 euro GV600 8 ports used 25 euro GV600 8 ports 25 euro GV600 8 ports used 25 euro GV1248 8 ports used 100 euro GV2004 4 ports new 150 euro Geovision Video Server 2 ports new 100 euro G.V. Datacapture V.3E new 50 euro G.V. Net/10 card new 50 euro G.V. Control Center Dongle used 75 euro AVERMEDIA NV 5000 4 ports new 150 euro Total price: : 2150 euro Everything together : 1500 euro
  5. Looks like you are recording in "motion detection" the breaks in the recording is when there is no motion detected. The status changing from green to red indicates the change from motion to no motion detected.
  6. I have been looking into the same thing recently , Your best bet is to approach the POS vendor who has installed the POS system , they like to control their system and not let anyone make changes that might affect the reliability of their set up which I can understand. Some but not all of them have a way of accommodating text overlay on an ip camera. Some POS units require a separate box to do this and the more modern ones have this already built in. The problem is that there are so many different POS Vendors and their software/hardware are all different. I was hooping to intercept the "text" at the printer as I assume all printers receive pretty much the same data to print , but it seams it is not so simple as I thought. I will be talking to some vendors next week , I will keep you posted.
  7. Also the IR light is more spread out and less concentrated than the conventional ones and they will illuminate up 25/30 M . I like them , they are tough and solid !
  8. I have installed about 15 turrets recently and I have found them the easiest and fastest to install and adjust , that really saves time if you have a lot to install , also you can put them on the ceiling or on the wall which you can not do with a dome without a special bracket . The down side is the reset button is inside the ball , but if you do your job right you wont need it
  9. If you can return it do it as quickly as possible, I have bought cameras from Zmodo and I cannot begin to tell you how bad they were + they would not give me a RMA number to return them they are still sitting on a shelf , there is a reason why they are reduced in price from 200 to 49 . spend 100 on something half decent . To get a camera that has the specs. of that Zmodo you would have to pay close to 200$, Hikvision have cameras like that and they DO everything that they say on the box, if you can afford it you wont regret it.
  10. Thanks MaxIcon, I will contact the different VMS vendors tomorrow to see if their software is compatible with Hikvision , not sure how it all fits together (hardware and software ) I briefly looked into it a couple of years ago with Geovision analog cameras but I was hoping that it would have become easier / simpler to put together with IP cameras. Thanks again.
  11. If you have 4x hikvision cameras then its always better to use a Hik. NVR , less potential problems and remember ONIF cameras are not always as compatible as they are made out to be. Motion detection very often does not work with a different brand NVR to the camera
  12. Don't forget that the advantage of a separate switch instead of a poe nvr is that you can access each camera individually without going through the nvr. You really dont need a gigabite switch for up to 15 or 20 cameras, a 10/100 is more than enough. D-link have a 8 port Gigabit poe switch for about 100 euro and Netgear have a 10/100 24 port for about 250 euro . Remember you can only put 7 cameras on a 8 port switch , the other port connects to your router, 7 in 1 out
  13. Does anyone know if Hikvision still makes VGA ip cameras, I have a few small storage areas ( 2Mx3M) that really don't need HD cameras , they should be about half the price of a HD camera, or even another manufacturer that will record with motion detection on a hikvision NVR
  14. Ok Thanks, it seems such a waste , only a few years ago you wouldn't dream of putting a hd camera in a tiny little store room, mostly because of the price.
  15. iVMS can be confusing until you get used to it, The web browser is a lot easier to use , you can set up everything via the web browser, no need to use monitor and mouse directly. The nvr by default records to the hard disk that you have installed in it . Go to configuration > HDD Management > you will see the HD , its size etc. if you have not formatted it the nvr will be beeping all the time until you do. To get it to record either continuously or via motion detection you have to go to Camera Settings > Schedule Settings > tik Enable Record Schedule > Edit > drop down box > either Normal or Motion Detect , copy to week , select all , save Then go to motion detection > tik box Enable Motion Detection ( if you want to only record motion activated video ) you have to do this for each camera. You should be able to see all recorded video via via playback , what you see comes directly from the nvr. Somewhere along the line you must have configured iVMS to record from the nvr directly to your pc where iVMS is running otherwise this will not happen automatically , you have to go back to iVMS on your pc and go to Record Schedule and have a look at what is activated.
  16. Nope , not a stupid question ... Your nvr connects with a network cable to your wireless router and your wireless camera connects to the wireless router . You first have to connect the camera to the router with a cable and after the camera is set up, it can connect wireless
  17. dcam

    Anyone still using Geovision?

    I have moved on from Geovision , it has served me well with regard to reliability but lately with a pair of new installs I have lost a lot of money ( in time ) It looks tired and outdated and as you said they have not addressed issues that they should have for years , now I think they have run out of time, now there are too many good alternatives available . Don't get me wrong their system is still good but it is aimed at the higher end market and never really addressed the smaller market in respect to user interfaces . They always seem to be putting out fires and trying to keep up with the competition. When you compare them to Hikvision then they seem very far behind ( in the lower end market ) I have always wanted to see user friendly interfaces , not everyone is technically minded, any manufacturer that offer access to their product only via Internet Explorer are lagging way behind . IE has been one of my biggest problems over the years with costumers computers so it was a no brainer when Hikvision came along with access via Firefox , Chrome , Safari.
  18. Hi, for the Chrome problem have a look at this thread viewtopic.php?f=19&t=45675 For the Safari problem I got it to work on this... ... Download ... http://www.hikvision.com/en/us/download_more.asp?id=1281 In general the web browser seams to be the most reliable and easiest to use, and you can use it on the go on any computer without installing any software, just a plugin
  19. Up to 500M !!! http://www.hikvision.com/europe/Press-Release-details.asp?id=2660
  20. Hikvision hd-tdi , I have installed 5 systems already and very pleased.
  21. If you disconnect from the nvr and put a POE Injector on the camera cable then you can connect your router and see your camera
  22. For those that are interested, I have made simple instructions for people wanting to do this. I also put a shortcut on desktop called "Video File Save" and I put the VSPlayer file into the desktop "Video File Save" folder VIDEO FILE SAVE 1. During Playback or LiveView in iVMS bring mouse on to camera view and click on the red button to start recording and click again to stop. The files are saved in a folder on Desktop called "Video File Save" (I have put a shortcut on their desktop and put the VSPlayer files in there also) 2. Insert USB drive in Computer and open up 3. Open "Video File Save" on desktop 4. Drag "VSPlayer" and drop it on the USB drive 5. Open "Record File" and open the saved video file with the corect date and time 6. Rename the file if you like 7. Drag the renamed file and drop it on "VSPlayer" 8. Drag and drop "Instructions To Play"on to the USB also ( I have put the "Instructions To Play" in a folder also in the "Video File Save" folder) To play the video from the USB Drive 1. Open VSPlayer File 2. Go to the bottom of the list of files and you will see "VSPlayer" ... open it 3. When the player shows up click "Open File" ... a list of files will appear 4. Find the renamed file in the list and open it , there are 2x files, a photo and the video 5. Click on the video file and open it Your video will start to play It all looks a bit confusing but when it's done it's really easy, if there are any corrections or suggestions let me know