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  1. Greetings Im trying the TFTP Method in another post, look for serial Pins and soldered some cables, conected to my USB TTL and its working, but i cant find the correct firmware for mi IPC-HFW1200S. Looking the PRINTENV, see this: HWID=IPC-HFW2200S-W (then lots of numbers, like octects of hardware) And then devalias=IPC-HFW1200S-W So, i think the hardware is a HFW2200S-W but with a WiFi Module, clasic from china stuff, but i cant find that firmware too, so, i cant restore this device. I have a Firmware who claims its for 1200S-W but does not have the uImage file, so Can i use another uImage file? Thanks in advance
  2. Wiredfixer

    Dahua firmware

    Greetings I dont have Any Luck for this Firmware, IPC-HFW1200S-W When i connect from Serial TTL, i can get another model (HFW-2200) but is the same thing, any luck. Someone have it? Also try the Czech FTP with a load of firmwares and is not there. Thanks in advance.