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  1. I need to learn how to hack my sannce dvr failing network test saying wrong dns which it is not as i get cloud access also it annoyingly resets to old settings anytime it reboot which is alot if i dont keep connect to cloud via xmeye!!! Its a nightmare......no more so called cheap chinese models for me ever again!!!....gues i better get saving eh??
  2. Thanks for reply.....i think this dvr has just gone faulty as thought u idea was gonna crack it but done what u said but still no joy it still wont let me delete reserved admin and default user .....cand delete group containing users and cant delete reserved user either..did log in using new admin account but network test still say dns test failed but the dns is definatly correct and the one i swapped worked fine here and still work fine at new place.....do u think it could be worth connect by ethernet cable to my laptop to fix somehow, i wonder how its programmed in 1st place its just about my last idea....really hrasping at straws now lol???
  3. dvr reverts back to old settings after reboot, even when i try restore to defaults, the only thing that did stick was formatting the hard drive, so it cant be to do with that, i even changed the cr2032 battery on motherboard, tried everything i can think of exept firmware update as cant find one for V4.02.R11.85100142.11001.131600.00000, i swapped the exact same model which did not have this problem as i set up both our dvr at same time and wanted theirs to work right, keping it connected to cloud which i dont really want to do but so far is the only way i can stop it rebooting with old settings and wrong time
  4. i swapped with someone i care about with the same model but unfortunately i am now left with a problem i cannot fix!!!! it says changes were succesfull just need to reboot, then lo and behold the old settings are back, i have changed the cr2032 battery, formatted hard drive, un plugged and replugged hard drive, restored to defaults, even tried doing it via ethernet and ip adress online the only thing i not tried yet is firmware update as i cant find one, the dvr is sannce ( probably some shady chinese company), is it possible i can just update it from a trusted better known brands firmware??? , i have wasted hrs and hrs getting on to days, weeks even and it completley baffling me, also this dvr wont connect to internet saying change dns which dont need changing but does connect to cloud via xmeye app also i am sure as i checked b4 swap my dvr only had 1 default user b4 and theirs had 2 a admin account and default user account neither of which can be deleted as both say reserved user BUT now they both have these 2 user accounts, does this mean someone is hacking in somehow and created this extra account........its weird as i remeber the one that only had 1 account im pretty sure was the default user account even though id have thought it should have been the admin one,............on th positive side the good news is i know a hell of alot more more about cctv than i did last week!!! not sure if worth adding that the only way to stop it rebooting and never change my settings is to keep ethernet in and i dont want to do that as dont want it to be online/hackable