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Found 15 results

  1. Extremely old ip camera. We have about 20 of them. Speco's site doesnt even list camera firmware anymore. Got a hold of a tech, he asked around but no one had the firmware for this model. Hoping some techs might have an old copy/file sitting around on there old laptop and can help me out. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hai I am having chinese model ip camera model no : DS-2CD2326WDV3-I ,FIMWARE VERSION : V5.5.804 build 211014. NEED TO CHANGE THE LANGUAGE TO ENGLISH . DS-IPC-T12HV3-IA KINDLY DO SUPPORT
  3. Hi, I'm trying to update an Hikvision DS-7204HVI-S DVR and I don't know if the recorder is compatible with DS-7204HVI-SV/ST version firmware... Since I don't want to risk it before I have confirmed firmware for this model, does anyone has an old backup for this recorder...? Or do you know if it's possible to make a dump of the current firmware? thanks
  4. Help DS-2CD1327G0-L, I had V5.7.2 build 211230 firmware , and I changed it with the new V5.7.12 build 220819 I downloaded it from the global hikvision, I knew that I'm making a mistake because firmware's from global hik are always bad. Now I have many problems. Camera is now unstable, it will lose connections to nvr. Also, now if I enable motion event, I will have cyclic 1-minute breaks in continuous recording, also live view outside of direct camera web-gui is unstable and often will be lost. Also if I don't enable "Dynamic Analysis for Motion" I will not have motion markers on the recording. Enabling "Dynamic Analysis for Motion" will make the camera highly unstable. Thanks god, I changed firmware just on one camera. The question is could I revert back to the old firmware, or can I find out some which works? My NVR is DS-7608NI-E1 / A, and I also made a mistake changing the firmware to the latest global V3.4.106 build 191009, also now NVR is unstable; if I use fluent on 5 cameras in NVR live view, it will cause it to freeze and stop recording. Reverting cameras to balanced will make NVR more stable. I can't believe this.
  5. Hello, i resetted this device (via reset option in settings) but at Login screen, i couldn't login to system via default password (admin/admin). I tried to remove CMOS battery but it didn't work. How to reset password or flash firmware? Thanks Model: no Brand: no :( DVR Analog 4 channels
  6. Please, I moved into a home that's under construction. My Lorex system is down and they won't even replace it until I do a manual firmware update. They sent it out and it expired. I didn't have a USB flash drive. Now they are closed. Suggestions?
  7. Hi there, I have a H.View DVR labelled DVR-WB104 on the bottom with a sticker and MBD6004D in the system info menu. The firmware is from 2015, is quite buggy, the web interface is completely broken, it uses nvsip which I don't know much about and very little info appears to exist (please link if you have info) and the old mobile apps have been taken down and APK downloaded versions do not work. The desktop software, CMS, works fine for live monitoring but remote playback is buggy. There is a USB update facility but no apparent firmware for download anywhere. Does anyone have any additional information regarding this device? It works mostly apart from the bugs and I'd like to get remote functions working again, preferrebly using custom software or something. Root access would be awesome if possible.
  8. Hi everyone, I found this forum while trying to figure out why my Vivotek IP8332 camera suddenly won't illuminate it's IR LED's for any reason. It did at a previous point, and I thought it had failed after an upgrade to v0401a of the firmware. I tried to downgrade the firmware to earlier versions, including a full reset via the internal button each time! However, the IR LEDs still refused to illuminate, no matter which major version of the firmware I try. I have gone from 0401a down to 0105b with no luck. I figured I'd come here and ask my question, while at the same time demonstrate how I was able to downgrade the firmware. There is a "magic number" in the header of the firmware it uses to determine if a firmware can be "upgraded". Someone else had posted here that Vivotek support claimed there were significant differences between major revisions of the firmware and so they didn't want end-users downgrading for whatever reason. I couldn't find any evidence of this, the header for each version are nearly identical, apart from the magic number change, and the size of the firmware changing. So, I decided to change the magic number (which is just literally incremental) and it worked. If anyone wants to downgrade their firmware you simply need to open the target firmware with a hex editor and change one single byte at offset 31 to any of the following, matching the firmware currently in use on the device. 01xx: 110 (n) 02xx: 111 (o) 03xx: 112 (p) 04xx: 113 (q) So, if your camera has the 04xx firmware and you wanted to downgrade to anything lower simply edit the firmware file of the target version and change byte 31 (counting from 0) to 113 (q) to match what the script expects for the current firmware. Example: Original 0401a Firmware: Example: Original 0301c Firmware: Example: Edited 0301c Firmware to allow downgrade from 0401a Firmware: Once the file has been edited then it can be uploaded via the built-in interface under Admin -> Maintenance. One reason I suspected this would work is the upgrade script it runs is the same version, 0101a, across all the various firmwares, so clearly they didn't actually change anything if the same upgrade script is still in use. Of note, the script seems to use the magic number to determine how to display the version number you're "ugrading" to, even if it's a downgrade. This means the upgrade script will show a wonky version number, a mix of the current major version and the minor version for the target firmware. This is just cosmetic though, once the device is downgraded the version shows correctly in the interface as expected. Hope this helps, and hopefully one of you may know how to re-enable the IR LEDs on this IP8332 camera. No idea why they don't work, but figures the one time I need to use them they no longer function! Ugh! ~Page Lari
  9. Lost password for AVTECH AVC796H (AU) DVR. From information on CCTV forum I powered up the system with TP5 and TP6 shorted in an attempt to do a factory reset. System now boots to a screen " H.264 System Initial" and hangs there. I contacted AVTECH in Taiwan and they provided a recovery .zip file with four .bin files The directory name "AVC796B_S755" The four files are "AppImg_8.bin, fboot_8.bin, kernel_8.bin, xml_8.bin" I now have two scenarios.. Scenario 1. if I short TP5 and TP6 with no USB thumb drive inserted I get the message "Reset default Complete Booting System" and it then boots to the " H.264 System Initial" screen and hangs there. Scenario 2.. if I short TP5 and TP6 with the USB thumb drive inserted with only the 4 .bin files I get the message "Enter USB upgrade mode (1/6)" "Upgrade APP" The system then halts, the screen gives a message "no signal" and goes into standby mode. the optical mouse led also goes out. By removing individual files from the thumb drive I found the system is accessing the file "fboot_8.bin" and shutting down. If I put any other file in the thumb drive eg the "upgrade_8.bin" file it ignores the thumb drive and behaves as per Scenario 1. listed above When I advised AVTECH in Taiwan that the files and procedure they provided did not work they stopped responding to my emails. I am wondering if the system is looking for a .bin file to take control of an upgrade rather than a recovery boot. Does any one know if there is an "Upgrade APP" file or what "USB upgrade mode (1/6)" means. Better still, Do you know I can fix this issue? Thanks in anticipation.
  10. Hello, I need help with my Sannce NVR System. I wan to get on the operating system (guess Linux based). Is there a way to open a Service Port like SSH to get on it. Port 80 is the only open Port for HTTP. Why i want that, i would liek to hack the amount of Cameras from 4 Channel to 6 or 8! The Protocoll Standart is N1, what does that mean. I have managed to add a ONIVF cam by deleting one, but that camera is not getting Recorded, why? There are somany Parameters i cant get my head around it. Or is there a way to upload a diffrend OS on the NVR even by a serial connection like i do with Arduino and Wemos Boards? Thank you, Konrad
  11. Hi all, I have a Dahua hybrid DVR model: DHI-DVR7432L and i have upgrade the firmware (General_DVR7xxx_Eng_PN_V3.210.0000.0.R.20150206.bin) after upgrade i couldn't login or view DVR GUI still saying System is initializing, please wait. (as per attached) Please help me to recover the DVR back. Thanks, Thiyages
  12. NEMOTech.Solutions

    ISO Help finding Firmware for Hikvision NVR

    Hi, I am new to this forum and am hoping someone could help me. Last year I purchased the HikVision DS-7216HWI-SL NVR/DVR Hybrid (16-ch) and a few Indoor/Outdoor Camera's on eBay and only finished wiring the camera's and setting up the NVR about a month ago. I have been busy but it didn't take me long doing a little research to find that a firmware update had been released. I've spent the last week or so (on & off) trying to find the latest firmware for my model (DS-7216HWI-SL) and so far, I've had little luck. If I'm not mistaken, what I have is a European version, which works fine here in the US and all but the US website (hikvision.com) has no support for my model. In fact, when I search their for my model number, it finds nothing. The same is true of on their European variant website (hikvisioneurope.com - I think). I was hoping someone reading this might have the same model and/or know where or how I could go about finding this. For those of you asking yourselves "Why is it so important, I'm sure the current Firmware this guy is using works perfectly fine so why he bothering us?". I have plans for modify the portal logo and some of the default system settings, but this cannot be done until I am able to find a copy, even of the same version Firmware I have now. I would, however love to be able to update to the latest version since the UI is noticeably nicer and more intuitive. I hope there is someone out there able to help me. Thanks in Advance, ~Nemo - nemo121886@gmail.com
  13. I am attempting to upgrade firmware on two Speco Video recorders Models N16NSF & N16DS. when I try to load the new firmware from a USB thumb drive I received an error message indicating the folder cannot be found on the drive. I cannot find any instructions for the naming convention of a specific folder Or what files I need other than the .bin Firmware file? Any assistance would be appreciated. any assistance would be appreciated. Steve
  14. hi all hope you are doing well. I've problem with Chinese made dvr, it record only 2 minutes video then change system time back 2 minutes and replace existing 2 minutes recording, in a loop. The hard drive is 1TB, Changing cell and restoring dvr didn't work. I can't find it's firmware anywhere please help me to fix it and guide me what to do. Or if you have its firmware file please share it with me. Thanks in advance.
  15. Greetings, and thank you for the helpful forum... Does anyone have firmware version 2.621.0000.28.R, Build Date: 2017-09-12 for the Dahua IPC-HDW4433C-A (alias: IPC-HDW4431C-A-V3) cameras? I'm specifically looking for this version and no others (should be English). Thanks in advance.